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JustfitMe Ace is the unique personal EMS kit that can be used by the whole family. The Ace kit comes with a special suit with adjustible size, therefore it fits users of different sizes. Use it for enhancing the effectivity of home training for only 20 minutes 2-3 times a week instead of losing hours on the elliptical trainer.

  • Adjustable suit size!
  • Easy to use for anybody
  • With free online basic EMS training course
  • Cross-platform: both for iOS and Android
  • Unisex suit
  • Free delivery in EU
  • More than 7000 pcs sold worldwide
1,555 EUR + VAT


EMS studio training basics
28/03/2020 07:19:57 PM
EMS studio training basics

Learn about the general EMS fitness rules, the proper preparation of a studio training and the basic safety protocol.