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6 ultimate tips of effective and free affiliate promotion

 6 ultimate tips of effective and free affiliate promotion

Well, I’m quite a downright person so first of all I’d like to point out that without promotion, your affiliate will produce zero result. BUT the good news is that most promotional options are free. Let’s take a look at them!

1. Create a separate landing page 

Create a landing page for Display possibly several banners that you find in your affiliate account and explain the benefits of the products in detail. 

You are free to use texts from the store or even the website.No writing skills needed, only make sure that you make a motivating translation.

If you use Wordpress or any other open source website, you will be able to create the landing page yourself. If there’s no possibility to do it, you can choose a free Wordpress template – it will work fine with your website. 
Don’t forget to indicate the special offer in the main menu of your website.

2. Banners on your home page

Display the banners also on the home page (aka your entrance) of your website. 

3. Build trust

I tell you, without building trust it’s IMPOSSIBLE to sell. Give a detailed explanation why visitors can trust products and webshop. 

Keep in mind that the store is in English, which might be difficult for some people. Lend them a helping hand and if you have the opportunity, implement a free chat option where they can ask questions. (We use Smartsupp, it works great and is completely free.)

4. Use your contact list

Surely you have a database of your partners and clients, don’t you? It’s high time to send them newsletters. Provide them a link in your email to your landing page and if you have done your job well, your contacts will start, well, yes, they will start to purchase and you will start to earn money.

What if your first newsletter doesn’t bring any significant results? Well, send them a second one, then a third one, a fourth one and so on. The general online marketing rule is that a potential customer should meet the product eight times before purchase.

Now what’s the best stuff available to send newsletter free? I think Mailchimp is the best and it’s free up till 2000 contacts.

5. Regularly post to social media (free stuff available)

Your potential clients are present in diverse social platforms. One of the best ways to inform them is to post REGULARLY in social media. Please keep in mind that regularity is one key to success. If you don’t give up, results will come.

The good news is that you are free to use our own promotional material. The kit is full of fancy image photos and videos, check it out:

Use stories and feed posts as well. Use a link that points to your landing page so that prospects can are informed promptly.

6. Make people WANT to purchase – live trainings

Surely you must make your prospects long for the products. Social media or a blog is one way to it. But there’s an even more effective method and that is live trainings.

If you are a personal trainer or if you are in contact with personal trainers, don’t miss this opportunity. Now, during the coronavirus crisis people do workout at mostly at home. They are grateful to find a motivated trainer to help them keep fit. It’s best to do your trainings every day at the same time so people get used to it.

Always record your training to build your own video channel. And of course send them to us as well so that we can promote you, too.

Finally one more thought. Don’t forget please, that the affiliate program is an excellent method to earn passive income. Though it will generate as much revenue as much energy you put in at the beginning. Let’s start work!