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Taxation Across Borders: Taxes are imposed on goods when they are moved across a political boundary, although some free trade zones exist around the world (for example, the European Union).
Taxes are usually associated with protectionism, the economic policy of restraining trade between nations. Taxes are usually imposed on imported goods, although at times may also be imposed on exported goods.
Of course. Please return the undamaged and unused and unwatered suit within 2 weeks after the purchase, with the receipt and we'll change it.
1.JustfitMe Ace is a special EMS kit designed for home use. The suit was originally designed for professional fitness studios and gyms where it's exposed to extreme use. Therefore it's loved for its extreme durability and maximum performance.
2. The unique thing about the Ace is that the size of the suit is adjustable, therefore it fits users of different sizes. This means that the suit can be used by several users. With the other JustfitMe personal kits that's not the case.
3.JustfitMe Ace even includes a calf band for the stimulation of the calf, whereas the other JustfitMe kits have a stimulation channel on the shoulders.
Yes, they are completely compatible with each other.
According to medical studies EMS strength training is recommeded not more than two or three times a week, as it's an utterly intensive way of workout. It's also recommended to wait around 36 hours between two sessions. 36 hours is the time your body needs to recover after each session. In case of other types of training the recommended amount depends on the intensity of the training and the individual conditions.
Due to the safety protocol you can perform strength training not more than 3 times a week, but you have the possibility to choose from 7 other training methods so that your total training time doesn't exceed 1 hour/day.
It depends on the training method. We use frequency of 1Hz up to 100Hz.
EMS training is a great way to loose weight, and 3 times more effective than traditional trainings. The calorie counter and the body measurement features help you to track your proccess and reach your goals.
There are 11 stimulation channels according to the parts of the body: 1.Triceps 2.Biceps 3.Trapezius 4. Chest 5. Abs 6. Low back 7. Back (Latissium Dorsi) 8.Glutes 9. Quadriceps 10. Hamstrings 11. Shoulders (JustfitMe) 12. Calf (JustfitMe Ace)
Yes, you can. Due to the wifi-based system you have complete freedom of mobility.
You only need to have internet connection to log in to your app, and for your first registration. Later on you'll be able to do workout without any internet connection.
With USB charger, which is included in the kit.
It takes up to 4 hours.
One charge is enough for 5-10 trainings.
The complete kit is covered by warranty for a period of 1 year and you can purchase extended warranty for up to 2 years in the store.
1x JustfitMe suit
1x JustfitMe Click-on control unit
1x Sprayer
1x User manual
1x USB charger
1x JustfitMe App (available in Google Play or the App Store)
1x JustfitMe Ace suit
1x JustfitMe Click-on control unit
1x Sprayer
1x User manual
1x Justfit Me App (available in Google Play or the App Store)
1x Underdress
Yes, of course. You can use it either on Android Tablet or on iPad.
The main difference lies in technological advancements. The ACE HERO incorporates features such as PowerPulse technology and the PowerHub Gen2 control unit, offering enhanced muscle stimulation and customization options compared to the ACE.
Yes, both the JustfitMe ACE and ACE HERO come with adjustable sizes to accommodate users of various body types comfortably.
Both suits can be used for a variety of workouts, including strength training, endurance development, HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training), and muscle relaxation.
The JustfitMe ACE is positioned as the more budget-friendly option compared to the ACE HERO. The ACE HERO, with its additional technological features, comes at a higher price point.
Yes, both the JustfitMe ACE and ACE HERO are crafted with durable materials and offer a comfortable fit, ensuring longevity and effectiveness during workouts.
The standout feature of the ACE HERO is its advanced technology, including PowerPulse technology and the PowerHub Gen2 control unit, which provide superior muscle stimulation and customization options.
While both suits can be used outdoors, the internal cables in the ACE HERO offer a more seamless and distraction-free experience, making it ideal for various environments.
Yes, both suits have limitations on the frequency and duration of workouts to ensure user safety and effectiveness. These limitations are outlined in the user manual for each suit.
The JustfitMe ACE HERO is the ideal choice for fitness enthusiasts looking for the latest innovations in EMS technology, offering advanced features and customizable options for an optimized workout experience.
The JustfitMe ACE HERO kit typically includes:
- JustfitMe ACE HERO EMS Suit
- PowerHub Gen2 Control Unit
- Internal Cables
- Wet and Dry Electrodes
- User Manual
- Accessories
- The JustfitMe ACE HERO kit has a warranty of 1 year. However, you can purchase an extended of up to 2 years in the store.
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