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Payment and shipping

The procedure of placing an order

After registration in order to create the contract the following technical steps are necessary:

You choose the product to be ordered. The chosen item can be put in the cart by clicking on “add to cart” button. You can proceed to order by clicking on “check-out” where you can choose to purchase as an individual, or as a company.  After this, you can give your personal or company data and the address of delivery on the check-out page. When you finished placing the order, you can send it by choosing Barion or  PayPal payment system and clicking on the selected payment method to us. After completing the order we confirm the data given upon registration, and the order immediately, or within 48 hours at the latest.

When filling the registration form the system checks whether the format of the inserted data is appropriate, the mistakes are identified and you will be warned to correct the mistake. You can abort the ordering procedure any time before sending the order.

Pre-transfer can also be chosen:

Account owner: Justfit Technology Kft

Account number: HU95 1201 0453 0156 8992 0020 0002

Bank: Raiffeisen Bank

IBAN Bank address: HUNGARY Budapest 1041 Árpád út 183-185

Swift code: UBRTHUHB

The order becomes valid when the order confirmation email is successfully sent to the email address given by you. If the confirmation email does not appear in your mailbox within 48 hours after completing the order, you shall be exempt from the bidding obligation.

Conditions of payment, available payment methods

You can pay the purchase price online by credit, or debit card through Barion or PayPal payment system. We shall send an electronic invoice containing the full purchase price via email within 30 minutes after payment.

You shall fulfil your payment obligation either through Barion payment system operated by Barion Payment Inc. or PayPal as a payment service provider.

You irrevocably contribute to proceed the abovementioned payment. Payment Service Provider informs you of successful payment through the same channels as in case of an ordinary credit, or debit card payment.

Pre-transfer can also be chosen:

Account owner: Justfit Technology Kft.

Account number: HU19 1201 0453 0156 8992 0020 0002

Bank: Raiffeisen Bank

Payment is considered completed when the amount is credited to the account of Provider.


We shall take care of delivering the products. We assign UPS Magyarország Kft. (Headquarters: 154 Lőrinci st. Vecsés, 2220, Airport City, Logistic Park, building A. for shipping).

Products shall be delivered within 2-5 days after the purchase price is credited on our account.