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Antelope is a German company with the headquarters in Frankfurt am Main who launched their EMS home training suit in 2016. The Antelope suit is a two-part training suit made of antibacterial and breathable compression fabric. It fits like a second skin and enables you to execute exercises without any hindrances. There are 16 electrodes integrated that stimulate your 8 core muscle groups. The kit offers 4 training modes: warm-up, endurance, strength, massage. The wireless electrical muscle stimulation technology makes it possible to workout both indoors and outdoors. As an introduction to setting up the system and starting training Antelope offer you a free webinar with 10 exercises that you can combine with EMS training. Antelope EMS is a good choice if you want to give a boost to your daily workout routine. You can inetgrate it in almost any type of training making your physical activity more effective. Important notice: the Antelope smartphone application is not compatible with the Samsung Galaxy s9 model operating on Android 10!