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Client testimonial - Yvonne Loutfi (Lebanon) about EMS as treatment of migraine

Client testimonial - Yvonne Loutfi (Lebanon) about EMS as treatment of migraine
My Name is Yvonne Loutfi and I’ve been suffering from migraines since I was 7. My migraines are always accompanied by nausea, vomiting and extreme sensitivity to light and sound. I basically become disabled for more than 24 hours not being able to move, to hear anything, even whispering, or to smell anything. But the worse is the non-stop vomiting.


In the past 4 years my migraines got worse and more frequent and the doctor told me that I have something named “transformed migraine”. Same symptoms such as a regular migraine but occurring every week and sometimes twice a week.

A year ago, a friend introduced me EMS training to lose weight and apparently it worked perfectly on my general health. Honestly, I am sensing a lot of improvement in the frequency of my migraines, even though I did not change anything in my lifestyle and I am frequently under stress. The only difference is that I do EMS training on regular basis.

 But luckily, I don’t have transformed migraines anymore. I can say that now I am having regular migraines once a month and sometimes I feel that the attack is less intense than usual.

 Read about the scientific evidence of electric muscle stimulation as a non-invasive headache treatment: US National Headache Institute about EMS treatment of headache.

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