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EasyMotionSkin Promo Edition EMS equipment

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Simplify your life with the EasyMotionSkin Studio Edition 1., the EMS system for one-to-one training that uses dry electrodes and needs fewer human resources for maintenance. The Bluetooth technology offers an extraordinary training experience for clients: no thick pads and wires are built in the suit. The Bluetooth based communication of the system guarantees stability and seamless workflow. The EMS system is controlled by iPad or iPhone, respectively that connect to cloud-based services.

The plug and play system is highly user friendly, the suits are machine washable with the electrodes inside.

  • Dry electrodes

  • Nano technology to protect the connections between electrode and cables

  • User friendly plug and play

  • For training up to 4 clients simoultaneously

  • Medical stretch fabric that guarantees a perfect fit, machine washable

  • Bluetooth communication

  • Made to high medical standards

  • Studio software for iPad/iPhone

  • Medically tested training programs

Made in EU
Top quality product
15 days money back guarantee


Content of the kit:

1x box
6x MotionSkin 
1x smartphone app 
1x belts


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