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Justfit Freestyle VCTRY5 HERO EMS studio equipment

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Workout is fun especially when doing it together. Maximize your revenue per training and make your clients inspire and motivate each other by offering Justfit Freestyle group training while taking full control over individual achievements. Enjoy freedom, enjoy style, think big.

Discover the essential EMS device for success—the wireless Freestyle VCTRY5 package. Ideal for concurrent training, indoors or outdoors, it's engineered by Justfit's R&D team for seamless group sessions, accommodating up to 30 individuals.

Immerse in the sleek design of the new Justfit VCTRY iPad Pro stand, complemented by extra-durable Click-on Pro suits for lasting performance. Elevate efficiency with the Justfit Aura Flexipay tablet software, a turn-key cloud-based management system providing innovative solutions for technical, business, convenience, and safety needs. Revolutionize your studio experience today.

Please note that the equipment can be pre-ordered with 80% deposit payment. Expected shipping: 8-12 weeks.

Made in EU
Top quality product
15 days money back guarantee


18 rating
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The device is perfect for our athletic training sessions. The durable suits and wireless setup allow us to train large groups efficiently.
The Justfit Freestyle VCTRY5 EMS device has been a great addition to our gym. The suits are comfortable and built to last. The ability to handle group sessions up to 30 people is a huge plus. The software is a bit complex at first, but once you get the hang of it, it’s very powerful.
Absolutely love the Justfit Freestyle VCTRY5 package! The suits are top quality and perfect for intense group workouts. The cloud-based management system is intuitive and has streamlined my business operations. My clients enjoy training together and motivating each other. Worth every penny!
It's a really innovative system for all who want to think big. Freestyle is a great innovation to bring together all the people who enjoy more group trainings. We usually do HIIT sessions between 8-12 people and it has a great power and fantastic results.
A kit which totally worths its price, and a great solution for all PTs who don't want to be closed in a room. The device provides a nice potential and it counts with 11 stimulation channels. All my clients are happy with the results, and me as well. Thank you guys!
Wonderful innovative technology, to get the most of your sessions. Easy to handle even when are 10-15 people are doing the EMS workout.
Being in the EMS industry for the past 10 years, i used all the ems devices available on the market.

What makes JUSTFIT different ?
The JUSTFIT device it's the first EMS Wireless device ( the connection it's through wi-fi password, not bluetooth).

With JUSTFIT you get the best service for yourself, the best service for your customers & a change in your life. By choosing JUSTFIT you'll realise that the competitors are far beyond what you experienced with JUSTFIT.

I recommend JUSTFIT not because it's my favorite EMS brand, but because it's everyone else favorite.

Por fin un equipamiento capaz de manejar el entrenamiento de grupos grandes. Ya probé varios productos del mercado, pero en el Freestyle se encuentran todas las ventajas: conexión de wi-fi, trajes de gran calidad, cómodos, y de buen diseño, un software que no falla y lo mejor que me permite hacer mis sesiones grupales a veces con 9 personas.
Tried it with my sports team, works amazing
Great quality
Örülök neki, hogy elérhető egy olyan termék, amivel kiscsoportos foglalkozást is tarthatok.
Szuper megoldás, ha kisebb üzlethelyiségben nyújtanál fitnesz szolgáltatást.
I love that it has add-on options for the future.
I like the concept very much
The best product on the market for wireless group trainings!
Great stuff to set in your studio. The suits are fantastic, easy to put on and mantain and it's compatible with ipad!
Ideal device for cardio trainings for several people! The box is small, smart and detachable with a click.
Profi rendszer 5 fős csoportos edzésekhez, mely remek felhasználói élményt biztosít, nincsenek zavaró kábelek és nehezen mozgatható gépek. A vezérlőt könnyen egy kattintással le lehet venni, és a ruhák is strapabíróak.


Content of the kit:

  • 1 HERO Professional EMS training suit "XS"
  • 2 pc HERO Professional EMS training suit "S"
  • 3 pc HERO Professional EMS training suit "M"
  • 2 HERO Professional EMS training suit "L"
  • 1 HERO Professional EMS training suit "XL"
  • 5 pcs Click-on control unit
  • 24 pcs underdress
  • 1 pc stand
  • 1 pc Micro USB charger
  • 2 pc sprayer
  • 1 pc magnetic suit cabling device

Major technical benefits of the software

Justfit have developed the Justfit Aura unique new generation software based on years of business experience, worldwide customer feedback and technical innovation.

  • Remarkable UI/UX solutions including for streamlined user experience
  • 200% higher speed
  • Security is a matter of no compromise therefore we apply Military-grade encryption through AES-256 to protect all your data stored by the system.
  • Bulletproof scalability is ensured by Google Cloud Platform hosting
  • To keep you up-to-date with what's going on in your business, we implemented advanced statistical features for clarity and visibility

The Justfit Flexipay integrated into the Aura is a resilient payment system that provides complete control over the finances of your Justfit products. It can manage all your purchases and other financial records. Your credit card is secured by the integrated Braintree application, an online payment solution developed by Paypal. All financial transactions in Aura Flexipay are managed automatically by Braintree.

Extra service features are also available for subscription within the Flexipay. You can buy add-ons or cancel your subscription with one click. You can also decide whether you want to pay a one-time fee or a subscription fee for extra features* such as the body fat monitor or the electrode humidity checker. You can also choose from dozens of extra software features as well, such as new training modes, or the virtual trainer mode.

Major benefits of the equipment

The robust and monolithic design combined with the matt-chrome colors give the VCTRY stand a remarkable and unforgettable appearance. It is more than just an object: Justfit VCTRY literally feels you. The integrated proximity sensor detects your presence and activates the system automatically. The RGB lead stripe can be controlled from your smartphone to match the ambiance of your studio.

Justfit VCTRY comes with a 12,9” inch iPad Pro. The impressive screen size makes the control of the training even more convenient for the trainer.

Now let’s dive deeper into the technical features. It offers numerous innovative technical-, business-, convenience and safety-solutions.

  • A time saving convenience feature is that trainers have the possibility to compile their favorite built-in virtual trainer exercises or video training exercises into exercise packages. This way they can create their own, individual training programs and save them for later reuse.
  • The integrated training templates on the one hand make the job of the trainers easier and on the other hand offer extra safety due to the preconfigured EMS settings.
  • Trainers can keep track of the heart rate and calories burnt during the training.*
  • The bioimpedance meter tracks changes of body fat percentage.*
  • The Ohmmeter measures electrical resistance and alerts you if one of the electrodes needs moistening.*
  • The toplist feature motivates both the trainer and the trainee by evaluating each and every training session and ranking clients by performance.
  • The two-way workout counting mode can display both the training time completed and the remaining from the training.
  • Calendar- and booking system.
  • The dark mode is an energy saving screen saver mode displaying the current impulse wave and the completed training time.
  • With the integrated Aura Flexipay payment system you can buy add-ons to extend your services.
  • Last but not least, we have made major and distinctive innovation in cardio group training. The unique freestyle mode is created for simultaneous training for up to 30 people, which is unprecedented on the EMS market.

*Coming soon. Some extra features are subject to subscription fee.

Refined and effortly stylish HERO suits

Revamped Design: Experience a fresh and contemporary aesthetic with our updated design.

Control Unit at the Side: Enhance comfort during exercises with the strategic relocation of the control unit.

Internal Cables: Enjoy a seamless workout experience with internal cables that prioritize your comfort.

Premium Comfort: Soft and durable, our fabric offers a luxurious feel without compromising on resilience. Easy to clean, it's a low-maintenance choice that combines convenience with lasting quality.

Handy Slide Lock: Effortlessly secure your suit with our user-friendly slide lock feature.

Cutting edge fabric: A synergy of comfort and performance, designed with breathability to keep your clients cool, super-lightweight for unrestricted movement, and antistatic properties for added ease during wear.

Fresh Dryness Boost: Moisture-wicking ensures clients stay dry, while the quick-drying feature expedites post-workout freshness

Washable with Cables: Easy maintenance — our suit is conveniently washable, cables included.

Universal Compatibility: The HERO series Integrates with all professional Justfit devices (Justfit Pirato/JustfitLite, JustfitPro, JustfitPro+, Justfit Freestyle), as well as complementary accessories like cable and electrode sets.

Paired with the HERO suits are the powerful components of the Justfit Aura Professional Package:

Aura Professional Tablet Software: Uniquely developed, cloud-based software for iOS and Android, providing easy access to all Justfit system information. Stay up-to-date with business and user data, and access built-in training programs and a massage mode.

Justfit Control Unit: The small, handy, and lightweight control unit is the brain of the Justfit EMS system. Connect seamlessly with the tablet software for a ready-to-use system, allowing approximately 10-15 training sessions with one charge.

Aura Professional CRM System: Elevate your customer management with this online, cloud-based operating system. User-friendly and optimized for everyday tasks, it provides access at different levels, from distributor to trainer. Simplify operations with Justfit Aura, where all your Justfit system information is just one click away.

Battery type 2 x Li-ion
Business type Gym
Communication type Wireless
CRM system Cloud-based
Detachable from EMS stand (while training) Yes
Device portability index semi
Device warranty 1 year + 1-2 years extended
Electrode material Textil
EMS control interface Tablet
EMS control interface display size (inches) 12,9” (iPad Pro)
EMS stand Justfit VCTRY iPad Pro
EMS wireless control unit 5 pcs Click-on Pro
FREE basic EMS training course Yes
Number of EMS channels 11
Number of technology suits (unisex) 9 pcs Click-on Pro
Operating system iOS
Replaceable electrodes Yes
Spray bottle 2
Starting package- simultaneous training sessions 5
Suit sanitizer (Optional) Yes
Total simultaneous training sessions(Optional) 30
Training modes 3 Preset + 1 Manual
Training possibilities Unlimited
Underdress 24
Watering stand (Optional) Yes
Suit Weight (Kg) / "M" size 2.25 kg
Wireless kit size 215gr
Reseller EMS International