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JustfitPro Boost Exchange (for 1 person training simultanuosly)

4,680 EUR + VAT 2,745 EUR + VAT
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Exchange your Clasic JustfitPro system for the newer Justfit Click-on version. Make your life and business much easier. Justfit Click-on version recieved JUST CLEAR AWARD 2022.

The main advantages of the Click-on system are as follows:

Control unit:

  • The smallest and lightest EMS control unit in the world: 14 mm thick, 250 gr in weight.
  • Increased battery capacity: 5 h (15 trainings).
  • USB craging - no more removable batteries and extra bulky chargers.
  • The control unit is connected to the suit in a simple "click-on way". Much more easier to maintain, much more practical, faster than with Classic 3M cables - no protruding wires on the back. Contact pad is integrated direct into the design of the suit. 
  • 100% compatibility with all type of Justfit EMS suits - Justfit Me Wet suits (4 colors), Justfit Me Dry suits (2 colors) - not need to be wet, Justfit Pro suits. This means that you won't miss out on the group training experience in your business, which your customers can enjoy in the most hygienic way: in their own EMS suit.
  • Keeped 11 stimulation channels

Cables and electrodes:

  • Magnetic studs for even more stable contact.
  • Much more durable cables. No more broken wires on arms, calfs and other cable parts. Just use carefully.
  • Suits maintenance is much faster and easier than before - save your time and efforts.Washable electrodes and cables. Suits are not need to be uncabled before washing. You can wash all together include suit, electrodes and cables just using special laundry bag, delicate washing programm, liquid for delicate materials and no spin. 

AURA Software:

  • Totally New Aura iOS version with new features
  • Totally new Aura CRM system for managing studio processes
  • Compatibility with future software updates* 

* Coming soon software updates:

  • Keep track of heart rate and calories burnt
  • Bioimpedance meter tracks changes of body fat percentage
  • Ohmmeter measures electrical resistance
  • Calendar and booking system

We created that option for you like a special one, as we stopped the maufacturing of the Classis system parts and complements. Justfit Aura Sytem Version 8 is the old one and it will not be updated any more. Please update the version of your equipment if you want to be competitive and modern, cool and sexy.

Made in EU
Top quality product
15 days money back guarantee


The exchange offer refers to 1 control unit, 3 cables and 3 electrode sets.

How does the exchange work?

  1. You send us your Classic control unit, Classic Cables and Classic Electrodes (the complete sets of 3 Classic Suits).
  2. We exchange Classic Control Unit for Click-on control unit, Classic cables and electrodes for Click-on version.
  3. We update your AURA software for the new AURA 9 series.
  4. We send for you the access to Justfit Academy with new Aura 9 Software Course - the complete tutorial how to use the new software system.
  5. You recieve renewed warranty: 1 year of warranty for Click-on control unit and 6 months warranty for click-on electrodes and cables.
  6. The post-purchase service plan become available for you: Chose here - 
  7. 1 hour free online consultancy with the Main Justfit Master Trainer in the format of QA session
  8. 1 hour free online marketing&business consultancy with the co-owner of the UA Justfit Franchise Network  in the format of QA session

If you would like to purchase the product with installments, add it to the cart and select Cetelem Online Credit at checkout.


8 rating
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Late delivery issues took away from the excitement of receiving the product. A hiccup that needs attention. :(
The gear has good quality cables, awesome tablet interface. The dresses are super easy to maintain cause there's no need to extract the cables before washing. The app is super fast especially comparing to the classis system. The change was smooth, everything went fine.
First of all the app: much much faster. Secondly: the cables are of perfect quality, durable, just a cool job, guys. Not need to be uncabled and could be washed all together. Control unit: small, light, cute. I am happy with everything.
fuck - Ios 9 version is really much faster and much more responsive than android 8 version, saves time, can put bookings relly each 30 min:)