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Revolutionize your EMS training regimen with the miha bodytec II and miha bodytec m.ove systems, meticulously crafted for both stationary and mobile applications. Elevate your workout experience with these certified medical-grade EMS devices, boasting customizable programs, extensive connectivity options, and intuitive interfaces, ensuring safe and efficient workouts.

Embrace the reliability of German-engineered technology with these robust systems, engineered for both commercial and therapeutic use.

Discover the best of both worlds with miha bodytec:

  • Stationary Excellence: The miha bodytec II embodies durability with its robust aluminum casing, user-friendly rotary knobs ensuring safe operation, and stable floor stand design.

  • Mobile Flexibility: Embrace unparalleled portability with the miha bodytec m.ove, equipped with a premium lithium-ion battery for extended use, a magnetically self-aligning charger for convenience, and a modular design facilitating effortless transport.

  • Innovative Connectivity: Seamlessly integrate your training experience with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, RFID, and mesh capabilities, offering unparalleled connectivity options for enhanced performance and ease of use.

Unlock a new realm of possibilities in EMS training with the miha bodytec II and miha bodytec m.ove systems, combining cutting-edge technology with unmatched versatility.

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Unlock the future of EMS training with miha bodytec, the leading name in professional electro muscle stimulation technology. Combining stationary and mobile solutions, miha bodytec offers the perfect blend of reliability, flexibility, and innovative design to meet all your EMS needs.

miha bodytec II – The Benchmark for Stationary Applications:

Engineered to the highest standards in Germany, the miha bodytec II is a certified medical product that integrates cutting-edge technology, modern design, and safe operation. Its robust aluminum casing ensures durability, while rotary knobs with haptic feedback provide precise control. The floor stand, equipped with a height-adjustable handle, offers stability and support for any training environment.

Proven through thousands of continuous operations, the miha bodytec II is ideal for both commercial EMS training and therapeutic whole-body EMS applications. Customizable and freely configurable, this device supports maximum connectivity through Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, RFID, and mesh networks.

miha bodytec m.ove – For Mobile Use

Designed for supreme adaptability and portability, miha bodytec m.ove is perfect for professionals who need flexibility. This certified medical EMS device comes with a premium lithium-ion battery and a magnetically self-aligning charger for long-lasting performance. Whether moving between rooms, floors, or even off-site locations, miha bodytec m.ove seamlessly integrates into your operations.

Key Features:

  • Portable and Stationary Use: Enjoy the benefits of both stationary and mobile EMS training. Certified Medical Product: Ensures high safety and reliability standards.

  • User-Friendly Design: Features Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, RFID, and mesh for seamless integration. Innovative Electrode System: The patented i-body electrodes offer durability, perfect fit, and ease of use.

Travel and Workstation Solutions:

  • travelstation m.ove: Combines a floor stand with transport capabilities for easy mobility.

  • workstation m.ove: Ideal for room-to-room mobility with integrated storage options and high maneuverability.

i-body® Electrode System:

The i-body system, developed with renowned German experts, offers unmatched durability and performance. Its electrodes, made from latex-free silicone and TENCEL™ fibers, provide a perfect fit and high elasticity. All textile components are washable and antibacterial, ensuring longevity even with frequent use.

Transform your EMS training with miha bodytec’s innovative solutions, designed to provide the utmost in flexibility, reliability, and professional performance.