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Miha Bodytec II Medical EMS System

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Discover the Miha Bodytec II Medical EMS System, a cutting-edge device meticulously crafted in 2019 to set new standards in medical-grade muscle stimulation. Engineered for both rehabilitation and professional training purposes, it offers unparalleled precision and control over muscle activation.

Key Benefits:

  • Advanced Medical-Grade EMS: Delivers precise muscle stimulation tailored for effective rehabilitation, ensuring targeted therapy.
  • Professional-Grade Training:Perfectly suited for medical professionals and physiotherapists seeking reliable tools to enhance patient recovery and performance.
  • Enhanced Muscle Recovery: Accelerates recovery processes while improving muscle strength, promoting quicker rehabilitation outcomes. 
  • Reliable Performance: Maintains consistent and dependable operation, guaranteeing effective therapy and training sessions with every use.
  • Comprehensive Solutions: Versatile and adaptable to various rehabilitation and training needs, providing a comprehensive approach to patient care and athlete development.

Upgrade your rehabilitation and training capabilities with the Miha Bodytec II Medical EMS System, ensuring top-tier performance and precise muscle activation for superior results in both medical therapy and professional training contexts.

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Crafted in 2019, the Miha Bodytec II Medical EMS System represents the pinnacle of EMS technology, delivering unparalleled precision and control over muscle activation. Tailored specifically for medical professionals and physiotherapists, this advanced system guarantees superior EMS training and therapy capabilities, fostering accelerated muscle recovery and enhanced performance outcomes with consistent reliability and effectiveness.

Key Components of the Miha Bodytec II Medical EMS System:

  • Main control unit, serving as the central hub for operating and controlling EMS sessions with precision. 
  • Electrode sets designed for various muscle groups, ensuring targeted and effective stimulation
  • Connecting cables that facilitate seamless integration and connectivity between the control unit and electrodes
  • Carrying case for convenient transport and storage, enhancing mobility and accessibility.
  • User manual providing comprehensive instructions and guidelines for optimal use and application.

Ideal for healthcare settings and rehabilitation facilities, the Miha Bodytec II Medical EMS System empowers professionals to deliver high-quality EMS therapy tailored to individual patient needs, setting new standards in muscle activation technology for improved recovery and performance enhancement.