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Visionbody EMS system for fitness studios

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Model: VBFS
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The Visionbody 3.0 EMS equipment is available for fitness studios with a more stable Bluetooth communication system, an increased number of muscle stimulation channels, a built in heart rate monitor and a long life battery. While classic EMS signals often hit the muscle like an electric hammer, Visionbody acts softly and gently. The pulses are not perceived as being external to the body or foreign, but as a reinforcement of the natural muscle tension. The kit is customizable and freely configurable.

  • Prepared for wireless group training for up to 8 people

  • 32 training programs

  • Storing of past workouts

  • Documented movement pattern

  • Optimal training control

  • Improved connectivity

  • Reduced power consumption

  • Clinical grade ECG monitor

  • 12 stimulation channels

  • Bluetooth communication

Made in EU
Top quality product
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Content of the kit:
1 pc EMS box 
1 pc charger
1 pc control pad
1 pc powersult