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What are the skills needed to set up a successful EMS studio?

What are the skills needed to set up a successful EMS studio?

The article covers the basic skills necessary to run a successful gym or studio offering EMS training.

Since EMS is an unconventional hybrid fitness/wellness service which includes a bit of everything, there are diverse components that lead to success:

Team spirit
Sport science and health
EMS Training skills
B2C marketing skills

Key to success, aka good to know:

Take away best practices and knowledge base gained from European experience
Adopt and develop your EMS fitness concept locally
Create demand by showing real results

The professional EMS fitness trainer

An EMS fitmess trainer is not just a person with advanced muscles. See the skills needed to succeed in EMS industry:

Prerequisite: already qualified in sport science/medicine or personal training
Further education or consultancy is required
Modular EMS training education system
Professional reflection assignments: creating and executing case or impact studies
Communication skills (business communication in focus: PR etc.)
Basics of hospitality, service management
Marketing education (focusing on social media and “word by mouth”, cross marketing)
Knowledge about competitors and how to handle them

EMS fitness business management

To be successful with an EMS fitness business these are the components which make a studio team competent enough to run a successful innovative studio:

Pre-requisite: entrepreneur skills are advantage
Business planning of EMS fitness service
How to create a concept: hospitality management, product and service development 
HR (incl. staff education)
PR communication
Basics on EMS technology
EMS market overview: EMS training service competitors and how to handle them
Intro to Quality Management System
Basics of EMS training service marketing 
General liabilities and health insurance
To help you achieve your business goals, most manufacturers provide you with extensive technological and business knowledge and expertise on this market.

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