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Xbody Actiwave EMS device - basic wireless package

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Model: XBAD
Availability: Discontinued product
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Xbody Actiwave is the first and only EMS training device in the world that is simultaneously capable of wired and wireless training. It's ideal for group training sessions and single client training sessions as well. Using the group training option you can train up to 6 clients at the same time while paying attention to individual clients.

Hardware and software are perfectly matched with each other. Training with or without cable, you decide! Create your interactive exercise plans directly on the device via virtual trainer function.

  • Wired and wireless EMS training

  • Train up to 6 clients simultaneously

  • Cardio and strength training, massage mode

  • Built-in training programs

  • 15" touch screen

Made in EU
Top quality product
15 days money back guarantee


Content of the basic package for wireless training for 1 person:

  • Actiwave Head 15” - 1 piece
  • Newave Standard stand - 1 piece
  • Complete Training Suit XXS-XL 12 CH - 3 set
  • Armband set XXS-XL - 3 sets
  • Shoulder band set S-L - 3 sets
  • Electrodes for inner thigh - 2 pieces
  • Training underwear set S-XXL - 5 sets
  • Connecting cable - 1 piece
  • Hangers - 3 pieces
  • Spray bottle 1,5L - 1 piece
  • USB stick - 1 piece

For further add-ons and package options please contact us via live chat or email.


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