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Xbody Actiwave Full EMS Training Set

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Experience the ultimate in muscle stimulation with the Xbody Actiwave Full EMS Training Set, meticulously crafted to deliver comprehensive and effective EMS workouts. This all-inclusive equipment package is designed to maximize muscle activation and versatility across a range of exercises.

Key Features:

  • Simultaneous Training Capability: Supports up to three users concurrently, including two wirelessly, optimizing group workout sessions.
  • Comprehensive Accessories: Includes a variety of essential items such as vests, underwear, electrodes, and more, ensuring all-round functionality and comfort.
  • Customizable Workouts: Tailor each training session to meet individual fitness needs and goals, enhancing personalization and effectiveness.
  • Enhanced Performance: Features upgraded components for reliable operation and efficient use, guaranteeing consistent performance during every session.
  • Integrated Heart Rate Monitoring: Monitors heart rate in real-time, promoting safe and effective training practices.
  • Versatile Training Options: Perfectly suited for gyms and fitness centers seeking innovative solutions to enhance their offerings.

Ideal for fitness studios looking to elevate their services with advanced EMS training, this set delivers a premium workout experience. Packaged in excellent condition, it provides a dependable and efficient solution for every fitness professional committed to achieving optimal results.

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Originally manufactured in 2017 and upgraded in 2021, the Xbody Actiwave EMS System sets new standards in simultaneous training capabilities, accommodating up to three users with two training wirelessly for optimal convenience. Tailored for gyms and fitness centers, it excels in delivering versatile and effective muscle stimulation. The inclusion of wireless modules enhances flexibility, while integrated heart rate monitoring ensures both safety and performance optimization.

Key Components of the Xbody Actiwave EMS System:

  • Two Actiwear wireless modules, facilitating seamless training without tethering constraints. 
  • Cleaning station complete with a sprayer, ensuring hygienic maintenance after each use.
  • Nine vests in total, including three unused ones, providing varied sizing options for enhanced comfort and fit.
  • Underwear items, some still shrink-wrapped, ensuring hygiene and comfort during training sessions.
  • Additional electrodes and various accessories, enhancing versatility and usability across different exercise routines and user needs.

Perfectly suited for fitness environments aiming to offer advanced muscle stimulation experiences, the Xbody Actiwave EMS System combines innovation, reliability, and practicality to support effective training and optimal performance for users.