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XBody Actiwave incl. 1 Actiwear from 238,05€ net per month

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Model: XB240048
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Unlock the potential of your EMS studio with our exclusive offer, featuring:

  • 1X XBody Actiwave demonstration unit, complete with stand and spiral cable 
  • 1X XBody Point demonstration unit.
  • 1X XBody Actiwear demonstration unit. 

This comprehensive package allows simultaneous training for up to 2 individuals, making it the ideal solution for any EMS studio. Each device has undergone rigorous technical overhauls, and to ensure your peace of mind, we provide a new device warranty for each item.

Explore the possibilities of enhanced training with optional accessories such as vests, underwear, and more. Additionally, we offer tailored training sessions, including NISV expertise.

Contact us to customize your experience further.

Made in EU
Top quality product
15 days money back guarantee


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