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3+1 reasons why EMS benefits your musculature

3+1 reasons why EMS benefits your musculature

Why is electrical muscle stimulation so effective and beneficial to your muscles? To understand the effects of the technology, let’s take a quick look at the working mechanism.

To put it simply, the EMS device is able to achieve what the human brain cannot. While the brain is capable of stimulating a big part of the muscle fibers, the EMS device stimulates nearly 100%. This means a much greater synchronization of the fibers. Furthermore, unlike the human brain, an EMS device sends out consequent and quality impulses to the muscles, without overloading the cardiovascular system, or causing psychical fatigue. This leads to better and safer performance growth than in the case of individually pursued traditional training methods.

1.     Enhance your strength

Muscle strength is defined as the maximum amount of force one can generate during a specific movement at a specified velocity (Knuttgen & Kraemer, 1987). An average person can activate roughly 70% of their potential consciously.

The gap between your maximum and absolute strength level can be reduced with the help of EMS technology thanks to the quality of the muscle fiber synchronization and the greater number of activated motoneurons. Maximum strength growth is realized through hypertrophy, especially of the upper body.

2.     Correct muscle imbalances

Maintaining muscle balance is the key to optimal condition of the movement system. Our body continually adapts in every attempt to produce the functional outcome that is requested by the system. Unfortunately, this adaptability can lead to muscle imbalances and eventually to imbalances that move beyond a dysfunction and cause injury. Muscle imbalance means the alteration in the functional relationship between pairs or groups of muscles. Our muscle-tendon units shorten or lengthen as the outer forces demand and this can result in the stabilizing muscles being less efficient to stabilize joints, because they are pulled out of optimal alignment.

The correction of muscle imbalances is one of the most important effects of EMS. We can consciously train the weakened muscle fibers with the electric impulses and improve the balance of the musculature. With the correction of muscle imbalances joint mobility will be enhanced too.

3.     Fix your back pain

The stability and the mobility of the spine is deeply affected by the condition of our core. If these muscles are functioning well, they take down a great amount of pressure of the vertebras. Sadly, our core muscles are frequently affected by muscle imbalances and this is a common reason of experiencing back pain.

EMS training corrects the muscle imbalances, strengthens the weakened abs and glutes, and relieves the tension of the tonal back muscles. In addition, the electric impulses induce the congestion of blood vessels and successfully relieve the stiffness and soreness of the muscles. In most cases, the painful symptoms disappear after a few sessions of EMS training.

+1.     Be a pro in your sport

EMS is an amazing alternative of sport-specific resistance training, because it improves the quality of muscle contraction and proprioception. Additionally, EMS tricks Henneman’s muscle fiber activation principle. During everyday movements first the slow, then the fast muscles are activated because it serves energy demand. However, in EMS training we experience reverse activation of the fibers. This effect results in increased isometric, isokinetic, eccentric and jumping power. To sum it up, EMS training is a genius way of improving your explosiveness.