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electrical muscle stimulation

10/06/2022 01:29:10 PM
Classic EMS training vs. Functional EMS training

By using EMS in your training programs, you can achieve results quickly and effectively. Which type of training is best to achieve the desired result - traditional strength training or functional training? Let us find it out!

10/06/2022 01:09:56 PM
The whole truth about EMS training, the "lazy" fitness

EMS fitness has proven itself well and it is now hard to imagine professional sports without it. It is used effectively by athletes in various phases of training, from increasing strength performance to recovery.

17/03/2022 01:04:56 PM
3+1 reasons why EMS benefits your musculature

Why is electrical muscle stimulation so effective and beneficial to your muscles? To understand the effects of the technology, let’s take a quick look at the working mechanism.

07/02/2022 03:01:40 PM
Getting back in shape post-covid: All that you need to know

We are here to take you through the steps of recovering and getting back into your usual workout schedule after having COVID-19 infection.

Our main points are made using the guideline of Michigan Medicine and also our own professional (and personal) experience. Fortunately, we have an amazing tool in our hands to speed up your recovery: EMS!

03/02/2022 12:40:54 PM
How to integrate EMS into your traditional strength training routine?

What if I tell you, that with only one EMS suit you get countless possibilities to take your weight training routine to the next level? Take a look at your options…

There are three major areas that we have to mention when talking about combining EMS and traditional gym sessions:

  • resistance training,
  • cardiorespiratory fitness training,
  • and strength endurance training.
12/05/2021 06:37:29 PM
Get ready for training with JustfitMe and Ace

How does a training session look like with JustfitMe and JustfitMe Ace ? In a nutshell, it is super easy and unbelievably efficient! You can combine almost all kinds of bodyweight exercises into your workout routine. It can be strength training, Tabata, HIIT or even massage mode at the end. 

Watch the video and find out more or read the abstract below!


06/05/2021 09:35:00 AM
Installing the JustfitMe and JustfitMe Ace personal EMS Kits


We are ready to explain the actual process of installing the JustfitMe and JustfitMe Ace personal EMS Kits. It is so much easier than you think, just follow the step-by-step guide with us. In the video, you can find further details and recommendations about the usage of the app and the EMS Kit too.


Watch the video or read the abstract below!

30/04/2021 10:10:55 AM
Advantages of the JustfitMe personal EMS Kit


"Are there any advantages of the JustfitMe personal EMS Kit?" you may ask. We would like to prove to you that there are and not only a few but loads. Let us guide you through this topic and share all the necessary details of the JustfitMe EMS Kit.

Watch the video about the JustfitMe personal EMS Kit or read the abstract below!