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Actiwave EMS Tracksuit - Available in Various Sizes

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Experience the ultimate in EMS training innovation with the XBody Actiwear. Backed by years of expertise, XBody continues to lead the industry in product development and refinement. The latest generation Actiwave training suit features shoulder electrodes, targeting a broader range of muscle groups for enhanced effectiveness.

At the core of Actiwear is a lightweight mini EMS device, seamlessly integrated into the tracksuit for wireless training convenience. With a magnetic cable connection ensuring rapid and reliable pulse transmission, this system's 12 channels effectively engage various muscle groups, a proven performer since 2016. Compatible with all systems, it offers foolproof operation and delivers exceptional training results.

Beyond its efficacy, Actiwave boasts easy and cost-effective maintenance, safeguarding your business against unnecessary expenses.

Each delivery includes the

  • tracksuit vest 
  • training pants
  • a complete set of electrodes 
  • electrode covers
  • necessary cable harness
  • an abdominal belt.

Available in sizes XXS to XL, these unisex suits cater to diverse needs, potentially reducing the number of suits required for your studio. Elevate your training experience with Actiwave EMS suits, available in sleek black, crafted from a blend of 55% Polyester, 40% Neoprene, and 5% Nylon for optimal comfort and performance.

Made in EU
Top quality product
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