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Justfit HERO Professional EMS training suit with cables and electrodes

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Discover the Justfit HERO Suit for professional use — an invitation to embrace a rejuvenated, refined, and effortlessly stylish appearance. Going beyond mere aesthetics, this HERO Suit boasts an exceptional design harmoniously fused with advanced functionality.

The HERO family stands out for its versatility, offering both wet and dry electrodes for your preference. Uniquely, this is the only product on the market that allows users to choose between both options, catering to various training environments and preferences.

Our one-of-a-kind EMS suit is crafted from exceptionally durable fabric that adapts seamlessly to individuals of varying sizes.

Throughout every step of the design process, our focus remained on delivering the perfect garment. From meticulously selecting premium materials to engineering a system that ensures longevity, durability has been paramount, guaranteeing maximum usage time with every wear.

  • Revamped Design: Experience a fresh and contemporary aesthetic with our updated design.

  • Optimized Position of Control Unit: Enhanced comfort during exercises with the strategic relocation of the control unit on the hip.

  • Comfort+ Enhancement: Now offering the choice between dry or wet electrodes for optimal customization.

  • Internal Cables: Enjoy a seamless workout experience with internal cables that prioritize your comfort.

  • Plush Perfection: Our fabric is luxuriously soft and durable, offering an elevated touch.

  • Handy Slide Lock: Effortlessly secure your suit with our user-friendly slide lock feature.

  • Cutting edge fabric: A synergy of comfort and performance, designed with breathability to keep your clients cool, super-lightweight for unrestricted movement, and antistatic properties for added ease during wear. 

  • Fresh Dryness Boost: Moisture-wicking ensures clients stay dry, while the quick-drying feature expedites post-workout freshness 

  • Washable with Cables: Easy maintenance — our suit is conveniently washable, cables included. 

  • Universal Compatibility: The HERO series Integrates with all professional Justfit devices (Justfit Pirato/JustfitLite, JustfitPro, JustfitPro+, Justfit Freestyle), as well as the control unit and the PowerHub Gen2 and complementary accessories like cable and electrode sets. 

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Unlock unparalleled potential for your fitness studio! Elevate your training experience by integrating our latest suit with your existing devices. This strategic upgrade isn't just a purchase; it's an investment in a transformative fitness journey. Enjoy enhanced comfort, cutting-edge design, and seamless compatibility. Maximize your studio's efficiency, captivate clients with the latest advancements, and stay ahead in the world of fitness innovation. Upgrade now and redefine excellence in every training session.