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Katalyst EMS Suit

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Embark on a new era in fitness with Katalyst's stateoftheart personalized EMS technology. This advanced system allows you to enjoy highly efficient, impactfree workouts that empower you to reach your full strength potential and fitness goals.

  • Engineered for Results:  Katalyst's cuttingedge fitness companion is carefully designed for toptier performance and offers a custom fit tailored to your unique needs. This ensures you get the most out of each session, maximizing your progress.

  • Performance Materials:  The suit is made from highperformance, hygienic materials that are both lightweight and durable. This construction provides superior comfort and resilience, allowing you to tackle your most challenging workouts with confidence.

  • Custom Suit Sizing: Katalyst offers a personalized fit made specifically for you based on your measurements. This attention to detail guarantees an optimal fit and an enhanced workout experience, ensuring you stay comfortable and supported.

  • FDA Cleared for Consumer Use: You can trust the quality and safety of Katalyst's EMS technology, as it is FDAcleared for consumer use. This allows you to use the suit with peace of mind, knowing it meets rigorous safety standards.

  • Machine Washable Textiles: The suit is easy to maintain, featuring machinewashable textiles that keep it clean and fresh. This convenient feature ensures the suit remains hygienic and ready for your next workout, saving you time and effort.

With Katalyst's personalized EMS technology, you're investing in a fitness solution that combines innovative engineering, superior materials, and custom sizing to deliver an exceptional workout experience. Train smarter and achieve your fitness goals with confidence.

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Transform your fitness routine with the Katalyst EMS Suit, a revolutionary companion for those seeking toptier performance and customfit training. Engineered with care, the suit features lightweight, durable, and hygienic performance materials designed to withstand even the toughest workouts. Enjoy fresh workouts and selective muscle targeting, Inworkout adjustments and personalized sessions and track your progress for continual improvement.

Key Features:

  • Personalized Fit: Based on your measurements, the suit offers a perfect size with multiple adjustable straps for a personalized, comfortable fit.

  • Muscle Targeting:  The suit includes 26 integrated electrode pads across the shorts, vest, and arm straps, strategically mapped to target all major muscle groups.

  • The Impulse Pack: This compact power source wirelessly communicates with the app, ensuring each impulse is perfectly timed and customized to your workout. It fits snugly in the suit pocket for maximum freedom of movement.

  • App: Customize your workouts, monitor your progress, and adjust intensity levels with ease. The app guides you through each session and tailors muscle targeting to match your fitness goals.

  • Apple TV Compatibility: Connect your workout to your Apple TV for a fully immersive, inhome trainer experience projected onto the big screen.

  • Apple Watch Connectivity: Exercise effortlessly using your Apple Watch. Manage intensity, monitor heart rate, and control your workout with features like play or pause.

  • Training Modes: Choose from four distinct modes—strength, power, cardio, and recovery—to achieve your fitness goals, whether it's building muscle, enhancing power, improving cardiovascular health, or aiding recovery.

Components of the kit:

  • Vest, shorts, and arm straps
  •  Impulse Pack with travel case
  •  Base layer x2
  •  Spray bottle
  •  USB charging cable
  •  Membership

 Take control of your fitness journey with the Katalyst EMS Suit and experience the next level of personalized training and performance.