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JustfitMe Venom personal EMS kit

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Model: Venomstarterxs
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The JustfitMe Venom Personal EMS kit is a whole body electrical muscle stimulator device you can use both indoors and outdoors. Use it for body shaping, losing weight or increasing endurance for only 20 minutes twice a week and get visible results only after 4 weeks. The unisex Venom style is suitable for him and her as well.

  • For indoor/outdoor training

  • 20 minute training = 1,5 hours at the gym

  • Easy to use for anybody

  • Videotrainer

  • With free online basic EMS training course

  • 11 stimulation channels

  • 8 preset training modes

  • Stable wifi communicatione

  • Cross-platform: both for iOS and Android

  • No need to buy special gel to wet electrodes

  • Wetting by water

  • Very low maintenance costs due to modular construction

  • Stylish unisex Venom EMS training suit

  • Washable with cables and electrodes

  • Small and lightweight control unit

  • Durable, elastic fabric

  • For one user

  • You can find the allowed training time and frequency on the Description tab below.

Made in EU
Top quality product
15 days money back guarantee


40 rating
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I was a bit skeptical at first, but the JustFitMe Venom is so easy to use. The instructions are clear, and I noticed improvements in my muscle tone within days.
With my hectic schedule, the JustFitMe Venom allows me to maximize my workout time. It's efficient and effective, fitting perfectly into my daily routine.
The kit has revolutionized my fitness routine. The built-in resistance is fantastic for enhancing muscle activation and overall performance.
I tried out a lot of EMS suits, but I have to say, I never found something so innovative. The material is really soft and the electrodes are attached inside. Unbelievable, but you can wash it with the electrodes.
Big advantage of JustFit Me is it is user friendly than other products in the market. Easy to wear and easy to control by smartphone. Therefore, user can manage their program by themselves although they don’t go to gym.
Being a para-athlete, finding equipment that catered to my needs was a struggle. But this EMS device was a game-changer. It didn't just level the playing field; it tilted it in my favor. With each pulse, I felt my strength and agility improving, pushing me closer to my goals
Volt lehetőségem kipróbálni korábban, szuper termék
I have never seen something like this before, such a lovely outfit with a lot of benefits: comfortable, washable and effective
egyszerűen nagyszerű
I bought this suit for a recommendation of a friend, and it didn’t disappoint me. I enjoy so much the freedom, that I don’t have to think too much on my trainings, just put the suit on, and follow the instructions of the app.
For me it was important to find a comfortable and easy to go EMS set, to do my training anywhere. Besides, I fell in love with the outfit itself with its unique style.
I have never been a fitness fan, but by the time I recognised how much benefits make a little time of workout. With Justfitme I maximize all these benefits and due to the EMS technology get the most of it.
I was skeptical at first, but the suit exceeded my expectations. The app-guided workouts are easy to follow, and the suit's quality is impressive.
The Venom Suit has become an essential part of my fitness routine. It's user-friendly, and the intensity levels can be adjusted to suit my needs. The results have been fantastic, and I can feel my core strength improving with each session.
Fantasctic product, I love it!
Amazing EMS suit, and not just for home, you can basically do any kind of training and anywhere outside, which makes it so perfect.
Nice outfit with innovative technology! Excellent way to work out outside. Thanks for the fast shipping!
Die Einrichtung war für einen technisch unerfahrenen Menschen wie mich etwas knifflig, aber sobald ich den Dreh raus hatte, lief alles reibungslos. Die Pads haften gut und die Intensitätsstufen ermöglichen es mir, je nach Laune höher oder niedriger einzustellen. Ganz einfach.

Wenn du wie ich den Gedanken an das Fitnessstudio nicht ertragen kannst, probier das:)
This kit takes care of your body and keeps it fit. You just need to find the most suitable settings and you're gonna feel it.
Toller EMS Anzug! Stylish und bequem und vorallem kabellos! Ich kann den wirklich überall benutzen .
It looks like a surf suit but made by a more breathable material. It’s nice to have the possibility to wash it after a sweaty session. The good stuff when you are not able to concentrate as much on the movement it still forces you to carry it out correctly, harmonizing the whole process of the training.
I bought this suit to have some sport routine in my hectic daily schedule, and I have to say it works amazing. I just need to spend 20 mins for the training, but still I have a muscle sore as it would have been 5 times more.
I never miss any session with Justfitme, and I already feel the results of it. I feel my whole body stronger and more resistant.
Really cool workout tool! Unbelievable results in so little time. Loving it. xx
a szállítás 2 nappal tovább tartott, mint ahogyaz fel volt tüntetve. ezt leszámítva teljesen meg vagyok elégedve
Such a gorgeous high-quality product and with a really stylish design. Trainings are available on the app and it makes it so easy to use.
Az eddigi tapasztalataim csak pozitívak. Gyors szállítás, a ruha mérete megfelelő, tényleg nem nehéz, szép, mint a képeken.
Mind minőségében, mind ár-érték arányban kiváló, azt kaptam amit vártam.
The suit is really comfortable, even during training! I recommend it to everyone.
Az otthoni edzésekhez kiválóan bevált az EMS, 10 kilótól szabadultam meg!
Nice design not boring like other suits. App is also okay and easy to use and lot of help from customer support before the first try.
a szállítás kicsivel tovább tartott, mint az előzőleg közölve volt, de nem volt gond aztán
a ruhát meg egyenesen imádom, úgy működik ahogyan kell
crazy how cool this suit is, makes working out so much faster and cooler
i use the suit during my running sessions, my endurance got incredibly better
Me gusta mucho!!!! Mis amigas me envidian muchisimo, el efecto del EMS es visible a simple vista
i swear to the ems method, fantastic
me gustan mucho los colores diferentes
A ruha kényelmes viselet, és hatékonyabbá teszi az edzésemet


Advantages of the JustfitMe EMS training compared to traditional training

✅ Training 20 minutes 2 times a week is sufficient
✅ Calories burnt: 500 Kcal
✅ Calories burnt AFTER training: 1200 Kcal in 4-6 hours, 4000 Kcal in 3 days
✅ Visible change only after 4 trainings
✅ Anti-cellulite effect
✅ Weight-loss 3x quicker

How Justfit™ EMS technology works

During traditional strength training, the brain sends bioelectrical impulses which cause certain muscles to contract. However, not all muscles have a well-developed connection to the brain, and these muscles are not as easily activated, therefore they will not develop so well. This way we can never train with full force, even if we want to.

Justfit™ EMS (electrical muscle stimulation) however, with low-strength electrical impulses, directly stimulates our deep muscles thus deceiving our body’s natural reactions and training almost 100% of our musculature.

EMS training is a completely safe form of working out and as such, it has been used for medical and rehabilitation purposes for a long time.

Major benefits of the JustfitMe EMS kit

  • Saves time
  • Increased exercise efficiency
  • Fat burning
  • Improved blood supply
  • Protection of the joints
  • Genereal well being
  • Safety

Content of the kit

  • Stylish Hybrid suit: it feels like your second skin and enables complete freedom during training. New generation Passion, Confidence, Obsession or Venom? Or do you prefer classic style? Choose whichever unisex style suits your personality best.
  • JustfitMe control unit: it’s the brain of the JustfitMe EMS system. Click it on the back of your suit, start the app and let the training begin. JustfitMe trains 11 muscle groups at a time.
  • JustfitMe app: the smartphone app can be downloaded for free in Google Play or the App Store.
  • User manual


With 2 strength trainings plus 2 cardio trainings per week you'll perform 208 trainings in one year. When choosing the fabric of the suit our main goal was to meet these requirements.

Number and lenght of weekly training

To protect your health, we have introduced the following limitations regarding the JustfitMe and JustfitMe Ace training set. Please note that EMS training is a very effective form of training, therefore it is not necessary and not advisable to train more than specified below.

  • Strength training: max. 20 minutes / workout, 3 times a week
  • Running: max. 40 minutes / time, 7 days a week
  • Cycling: max. 30 minutes / time, 7 days a week
  • Speed improvement: max. 20 minutes / workout, 3 times a week
  • Muscle relaxation: max. 20 minutes / time, 7 days a week
  • Endurance development: max. 30 minutes / workout, 3 times a week
  • HIIT: max. 15 minutes / workout, 3 times a week
  • Tabata: max. 8 minutes / workout, 3 times a week

Battery type Li-ion
Business type Consumer product
Communication type Wireless
CRM system Local
Detachable from EMS stand (while training) Yes
Device portability index full
Device warranty 1 year + 1-2 years extended
Electrode material Textil
EMS control interface Smartphone
EMS control interface display size (inches) Flexible
EMS stand No
EMS wireless control unit 1 pc Click-on Me
FREE basic EMS training course Yes
Number of EMS channels 11
Number of technology suits (unisex) 1 pc New Generation Hybrid suit
Operating system iOS / Android Mobile
Replaceable electrodes Yes
Spray bottle 1
Starting package- simultaneous training sessions 1
Suit sanitizer (Optional) Yes
Technology suit washable with cables electrodes inside Yes
Total simultaneous training sessions(Optional) 1
Training modes 8 Preset
Training possibilities 3x30min Strength, max. 1 hour/day other training
Watering stand (Optional) No
Suit Weight (Kg) / "M" size 1.5 kg
Wireless kit size 115gr