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Profi EMS Dual Training System by VisionBody for Two Simultaneous Users

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Model: 244013
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Get your hands on the revolutionary VisionBody EMS Studio Set for 2 participants, offering wireless EMS training with cutting-edge technology. Includes iPad, software license, control boxes, chargers, batteries, and more. Also available: VisionBody Power Suit training suits in various sizes, both new and used. Train anywhere, anytime with this cable-free system.

This comprehensive set boasts the following components:

  • 1x iPad 
  • 1x Visionbody software license VBD-G-1.0 (2 persons)
  • 2x control box (includes 2x the latest version) 
  • 2x chargers
  • 6x batteries
  • 1x transport case
  • presentation display for iPad

Please note that used suits come without guarantee, having been stored unused for 1.5 years. Originally priced at over €23,000, our VisionBody EMS Profi Studio-Set is now available at €4500, with VAT applicable. Despite a cracked display, the iPad remains fully functional and compatible with the Bodyvision app, ensuring seamless usage with other iPads or iPhones.

Experience the freedom of cable-free training with this innovative system, enabling you to engage in EMS workouts not only within training areas or classrooms but also outdoors.

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