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That’s why people love the Champion PowerBelt

That’s why people love the Champion PowerBelt

Since launching we’ve had enough customers to conduct a survey asking them what they like most about the Champion PowerBelt and why they have chosen it over Sixpad or other EMS belts.

Here’s the result:

  1. Powerful 30-80 Hz stimulus, 12 levels in total. (Sixpad’s weakest point: only fixed 20 Hz)
  2. 4 different modes: muscle strength, aerobics, massage, and AUTO mode
  3. Silver fiber pad; it’s available to use way longer than gel pad. Maintenance cost is almost zero.
  4. It’s possible to use during intense exercise (or it can be applied to exercise routine)
  5. Can be used on average over 7-10 times after fully charge (depending on intensity)
  6. Posture correction effect by just wearing it!
  7. The electric stimulation is not stinging
  8. Stimulation like squeezing the muscle! - High stimulation quality
  9. It stimulates both front and back core muscles at the same time.

We’re happy to have this superb product that helps paeople achieve the ABS of their dreams. You can buy the PowerBelt right away by clicking here.

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