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Justfit EMS PowerBelt

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Model: champion_belt_S
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The ultimate EMS trainer for achieving perfect abs and a strong lower back

Justfit EMS Power belt can be used with or without accompanying exercises, making it ideal for strengthening your abdominals or lower back muscles at any time and anywhere! Clinically proven to reduce body fat, abdominal fat, and improve abdominal skin, the Champion Belt is the perfect trainer to help you reach your fitness goals.

The Justfit EMS Powerbelt is recommended for those:

  • Who want to target core muscles and build a strong lower back

  • Who are concerned about abdominal obesity and want to reduce body fat

  • Who are too busy to exercise

  • Who are less motivated and struggle to exercise regularly

  • Who want to increase muscle strength and endurance

  • Who want to maximize the effectiveness of their workouts

  • Who want to relax while working out and improve their posture

  • Who suffer from lower back pain and want to find relief

  • Who prefer easy and comfortable exercise options

Made in EU
Top quality product
15 days money back guarantee


40 rating
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I've been using the JustFit EMS Powerbelt for a few weeks now, and it's fantastic. The self-help video made setup a breeze. As someone with a busy schedule, this device allows me to fit in a workout anywhere. I can feel my muscles getting stronger already!
After a knee injury, traditional workouts were tough. The JustFit EMS Powerbelt has been a game-changer for my rehabilitation. The guided video was clear, and I'm already seeing improvement in muscle strength without straining my injury.
This Powerbelt is both effective and easy to use. The instructional video was straightforward, and I could start my sessions immediately. It's been an excellent addition to my fitness routine.
I'm so happy with the device. The self-help video made configuration simple. I love that I can do an effective workout at home without needing bulky equipment.
I travel a lot for work, and the JustFit EMS Powerbelt is perfect for maintaining my fitness on the go. The setup video was easy to follow, and the belt itself is both portable and powerful.
As a senior, traditional workouts are challenging. The JustFit EMS Powerbelt is perfect for me. The video guide was clear, and I can now maintain my muscle strength safely at home.
As a fitness enthusiast, the Powerbelt has been a fantastic addition to my gear. The video guide made it easy to configure, and it's perfect for targeting specific muscle groups.
As a busy mom, finding time to work out is tough. But this has been a lifesaver. The self-help video made it simple to set up, and now I can tone my muscles while doing chores.
talk about luxurious comfort, this power belt is what I strap on to build my stomach muscles and relax,,,
The feeling of the electronic belt on my belly and spine is like a gentle wake-up call for my muscles – rise and shine!
While I'm pleased with the Powerbelt itself, I must mention that I experienced a delay in receiving my order. The delivery time took longer than expected, and it tested my patience. However, I can say that the product was worth the wait, and I'm satisfied with its performance.
My wife came first with the idea to use the Champion Belt, and she bought one for my birthday (and one for herself as well :) I usually wear it for my daily walks and it has an amazing effect. I feel like I did 500 sit ups, which I wouldn't be able to do.
As someone with a larger waist size, I found that the Justfit EMS Powerbelt's sizing options were limited. It would be beneficial to offer a broader range of sizes to accommodate different body types. This way, individuals with a wider waist or those who prefer a more adjustable fit can enjoy the benefits.
It's reliable and convenient tool . Good results ! Good price !
I thought it’s a magic to lose belly fat without working out, but actually with the Champion Belt is all possible. Next day after the sessions my abs are always aching.
it's so easy to use and incredibly comfortable. whether I'm doing household chores or relaxing, I can wear it and engage my abs and lower back muscles effortlessly. Mari from the customer service is so kind and helpful!
It's a hassle-free way to strengthen my core and lower back.
I am happy, that I have found a simplified version of EMS without giving out a lot of money for it. Great option to use it by jogging.
This zappy belt for my abs and back is like a little energy boost for my muscles. They're feeling the electrifying love.
Great for a lazy me! :)))))))
I've been using the Justfit EMS PBelt to target my core muscles and strengthen my lower back, and I'm impressed. The EMS technology provides an intense workout, and I love that it can be used with or without accompanying exercises. It's a versatile and effective trainer!
Great product
Huhh, szuper!!!:))) Aludni ugyan nem tdtam benne, de TV nézés közben csúúúúúcs!!!
Uso hace 2 semanas, y ya noto la diferencia en mi barriga. Ya he perdido un 1 cm, y solo lo uso cada segundo día. La verdad que no esperaba tan buen resultado ni tantas agujetas.
Estoy muy contento con el Champion Belt. Lo pongo siempre para hacer ejercicios, así se intensifica el efecto en los abdominales. He tenido experiencia con los trajes EMS en el gimnasio, y me parece que la cinturón funciona igual de bien que el traje solo en los músculos del abdomen.
After 1 months I have lost 2 cm from the belly.
Me resulta muy útil el cinturón para mantener en forma el abdomen y tiene muy buena potencia. A mí personalmente, el diseño no me gusta tanto como de los trajes, pero sí, es un buen complemento para acompañar los entrenamientos.
Wow, this tool literally do the whole work for you, you just need to bear the muscle ache the day after.
ich bin total begesitert von Champion Belt, es macht meine workouts viel effektiver !
I lost already 2 pounds with the help of this awesome belt. Having a little baby and 2 kids I have no possibility to work out more than once a week. So the champion belt is ideal to strengthen my abs and to burn the belly fat from pregnancy.
Después de mucho tiempo sin hacer deporte, las agujetas que tuve del primer uso, casi me mataron :D Me mantiene en forma, sin hacer ejercicios, así que me encanta.
Nem hittem sose az ilyen termékeknek, de most kellemesen csalódtam. Eleve sokat edzek, ha felteszem közben az övet, még keményebben megdolgoztatja a sixpacket. Csúcs.
The most relaxing way to train my abs :)
Gyors kiszállítás, és remek termék. Pár használat után már érzem az edzések eredményét.
Einfach wunderbar!sehr effektiv gegen Bauchfett und stärkt die Rückenmuskulatur auch.
I tried out a lot of things to have stronger abs, but nothing before worked like the Champion Belt. It has a kinda harmonizing effect as it triggers the weaker muscles as well.
Sokkal jobb mint gondoltam.
Thanks the great product!!!!! Fast shipping, easy usage.
Easy to use, and perfect solution for busy times to keep my tummy strong.
Abdominal training was never so easy. I just put the belt on and it makes the job done. My belly fat reduces and I also lost 1 inch from the circumference, without sweating.


Our EMS device is designed for easy use , making it accessible for anyone. This device is especially beneficial for those with weak muscles, as it contains various modes that safely and comfortably stimulate inner-layer muscles.

One of the key advantages of our EMS device is its high level of satisfaction, producing more effective and efficient exercise results in a shorter period of time compared to other exercises.



  • No need for extra gel pads; just use water to moisten it. Maintenance cost is zero.
  • Powerful and gentle EMS low-frequency stimulation stimulates your inner muscles effectively.
  • Use it while engaging in daily activities. Free your hands while working on your abs or back.
  • Easy to use and easy to clean - simply wipe the contaminated area with a wet tissue or lightly wash it by hand.
  • Passed heavy metal and fabric tests.
  • Suitable for ages 16 to 80.
  • 4 modes (Aerobic, Massage, Muscular, and Auto) with automatic rotation.
  • Control the intensity with 12 stages.
  • Comes with a 2-year warranty.


Justfit EMS Powerbelt VS Other brands

Maintenance cost: Maintenance cost is zero as only watering on pads is sufficient - Gel pads need to be repurchased monthly for 20-30 USD

Safety: The device is certified by FDA, CE, KC, FCC, TCCS for safety - No safety certification is available

Exercise modes: Offers 4 exercise modes are available with a frequency wavelength of 10~80 Hz - Limited exercise modes are available, and the intensities are not clearly distinguishable

Stimulus strength: Intensity of stimulation can be controlled by 12 stages - Low power output results in less stimulation

Stimulus range:  The area of ​​pads is wide enough to deliver stimulations effectively - The pads' surface area is not wide, leading to less muscle stimulation

Availability: Quick wash is possible for parts that are polluted - Once you wash the devices, the functioning skills drop.

A/S: Partial repair is available during the 2-year warranty period - Unable to do the partial repairs when there are defects

Product composition:
Champion Belt, Pads 2 EA, Controller, Cable, Pouch, Spray Bottle, USB Charging Cable

Size chart:
S: 25-28 inch / 63-72 cm - 200g
M: 29-33 inch / 73-84 cm - 210g
L: 34-38 inch / 85-97 cm - 220g
XL: 39-43 inch / 98 -110 cm - 240g

Pad (a set of two EA):
Size 200mm x 150mm
Weight 36g (1 EA 18g)

Size 70mm x 40mm x 13mm
Weight 30 gr


How EMS technology works

EMS training therapy was used by NASA astronauts to prevent muscle loss. Since the 1960s, astronauts have been undergoing EMS training to prevent muscle damage. This training utilizes micro electrical waves and provides direct stimulation to our muscles. The principle of EMS is that it uses microcurrents ranging from 1 to 100 Hz to relieve muscle contraction by directly stimulating and activating muscles in a form similar to signal commands delivered from the brain to the muscles when moving the body.

During traditional strength training, the brain sends bioelectrical impulses that cause certain muscles to contract. However, not all muscles have a well-developed connection to the brain, and these muscles are not as easily activated. Therefore, they will not develop as well. This means we can never train with full force, even if we want to.

EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation), however, with low-strength electrical impulses, directly stimulates our deep muscles, thus deceiving our body’s natural reactions and training almost 100% of our musculature.

EMS training is a completely safe form of working out and, as such, has been used for medical and rehabilitation purposes for a long time.

Are you too busy to go to the gym or to perform several hours of workouts? Use your recreation time to stay in shape. Lose weight and build muscle while relaxing, sleeping, or watching TV. There’s no more excuse for abdominal obesity!

Simple operation, long-lasting batteries, and durable electrodes are the features most appreciated by its users. There's no need to download any smartphone application for operation.



Q: How long should I use the device per session?

A: We recommend using the device for 20 minutes, which is the automated operation time.

Q: How often should I use it?

A: We recommend using it for one to three sessions per day, with 20 minutes per session. Instead of using it consecutively, try to use it at different times.

Q: Which intensity level do you recommend (from 1 to 12)?

A: EMS products provide varying levels of stimulation and sensation depending on various factors. We recommend using the device at a strength that feels comfortable rather than too strong. For beginners, we suggest starting with steps 3 to 5 and gradually increasing the intensity.

Q: Can I wear it over underwear?

A: It can only be used when worn directly on bare abdominal muscles and waist. Please ensure it is worn on bare skin.

Q: One of the pads is weak. What can I do?

A: This is a common issue when the two pads have an unequal amount of moisture or when one pad is more relaxed than the other. Please ensure both pads are placed as close to your abs and waist as possible.

Q: How do I charge the controller, and for how long should I charge it?

A: The controller uses a USB Type-C charging method, and it takes 3 hours to fully charge. There is no indication of full charge, however, the charged controller can be used 7 to 8 times, depending on the mode of use.

Q: Is it OK to wash the belt and pads in a washing machine?

A: We do not recommend washing the product in a washing machine. Instead, we suggest handwashing or using wet wipes to clean the belt and pads.

Q: Can I put the belt and pads in a dryer to dry them?

A: We suggest air-drying the product in a shaded area. Avoid wringing or twisting the belt and pads too hard to remove excess water.

Q: Can I use the device while it's charging?

A: No, it is not recommended to use the device while it is charging. Please disconnect the cable when charging.