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JustfitMe Ace Personal EMS Powerkit

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1 year extended warranty ME
112 EUR + VAT (143 EUR)
Model: aceemskits
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Enjoy complete studio experience at home with the unique JustfitMe Ace Powerkit. The suit was originally designed for professional fitness studios and gyms where it's exposed to extreme use. More than 7000 sold items have proved its durability and effectiveness.

The Ace Powerkit comes with a special suit with adjustable size, therefore it fits users of different sizes. Use it for enhancing the effectivity of home training for only 20 minutes 2-3 times a week instead of losing hours on the elliptical trainer.

  • EMS studio experience at home

  • Extra durable fabric

  • Adjustable training suit size

  • Unisex

  • Underdress included

  • 11 stimulation channels

  • 8 preset training modes

  • Massage mode

  • Needs wetting (water)

  • Stable wifi communication

  • Use it indoors or outdoors

  • Free online basic EMS training course

  • Videotrainer

  • Easy to use for anybody

  • Cross-platform: smartphone application both for iOS and Android

  • Small and lightweight control unit

  • More than 7000 pcs sold worldwide

  • For one user

  • You can find the allowed training time and frequency on the Description tab below.

Made in EU
Top quality product
15 days money back guarantee


JustfitMe is an EMS (electrical muscle stimulator) device you can take with you anywhere and use it for 20 minutes three times a week instead of losing hours at the gym. It's the EMS device for busy people wishing to stay fit. Enjoy the same results, spend less time. Use it for body shaping, losing weight or increasing endurance.

Unique EMS suit with adjustable size

The unisex EMS suit is made of extra durable fabric since originally it was designed for studio use. It's equipped with click-on magnetic studs, the construction makes it able to fit people of different sizes:

S size = SX, S, M
M size = S, M, L
L size = M, L, XL

In every moment of the design procedure our priority was to make the suit a perfect wear. While choosing our raw materials and creating the system, durability has been the most important feature, even with maximum usage time.


The package contains an underdress in the chosen size of the EMS suit. The underdress ensures comfortable and hygienic training in your studio. Easy to wash, fast to dry


The suit was originally designed for professional fitness studios and gyms where it's exposed to extreme use. (Often 10 times a day, 7 times a week.)  More than 7000 sold items have proved its durability.

JustfitMe control unit

It’s the brain of the JustfitMe EMS system. Click it on the back of your suit, start the app and let the training begin. JustfitMe trains 11 muscle groups at a time.

JustfitMe app

The smartphone app can be downloaded for free in Google Play or the App Store.

User manual

Number and lenght of weekly training

To protect your health, we have introduced the following limitations regarding the JustfitMe and JustfitMe Ace training set. Please note that EMS training is a very effective form of training, therefore it is not necessary and not advisable to train more than specified below.

  • Strength training: max. 20 minutes / workout, 3 times a week
  • Running: max. 40 minutes / time, 7 days a week
  • Cycling: max. 30 minutes / time, 7 days a week
  • Speed improvement: max. 20 minutes / workout, 3 times a week
  • Muscle relaxation: max. 20 minutes / time, 7 days a week
  • Endurance development: max. 30 minutes / workout, 3 times a week
  • HIIT: max. 15 minutes / workout, 3 times a week
  • Tabata: max. 8 minutes / workout, 3 times a week

Battery type Li-ion
Business type Consumer product
Communication type Wifi
CRM system Local
Detachable from EMS stand (while training) Yes
Device portability index full
Device warranty 1 year + 1-2 years extended
Electrode material Textil
EMS control interface Smartphone
EMS control interface display size (inches) Flexible
EMS stand No
EMS wireless control unit 1 pc Click-on Me
FREE basic EMS training course Yes
Number of EMS channels 11
Number of technology suits (unisex) 1 pc Pro suit
Operating system iOS / Android Mobile
Replaceable electrodes Yes
Spray bottle 1
Starting package- simultaneous training sessions 1
Suit sanitizer (Optional) Yes
Total simultaneous training sessions(Optional) 1
Training modes 8 Preset
Training possibilities 3x30min Strength, max. 1 hour/day other training
Watering stand (Optional) No
Suit Weight (Kg) / "M" size 2.25 kg
Wireless kit size 115gr
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35 rating
Write a review!
I was a little skeptical that it was possible to do a full workout in 25 minutes . The customer service explained everything in detail , sent professional materials and before/after photos . Although it is not a cheap product , I decided to give it a try . What can I say, during the first training session I was as tired as if I had been in the gym for 2 hours . Now I don't understand why everyone doesn't train with ems :D
Love this product, same feeling as in the ems studio. Strong impulse, friendly app, strong suit.
It was great how Peter from the customer support helped me with the installation, thank you very much!
I don't like the watering part and generally, that your clothes have to be wet, but anyway sweating comes after the session :) In total, I am satisfied with the performance and the quality.
I love it
Studio quality in your own home
Muy guay
My favourite workout buddy

Szuper megoldás, ha két méret között vagy, vagy ha szeretnéd használni az eszközt végig a fogyásod során.
végre egy eszköz, amivel nem kell órákat a konditeremben töltenem, mégis biztosítja a megfelelő mozgást és eredményt
EMS was the perfect solution for me during covid, and this will not change in the future!!
It is comfortable, the material is durable, I feel like a superhero in my suit :D
nagyon meg vagyok elégedve, nagyban megkönnyíti a mindennapjaim! a párommal mindkettőnkre jó az S méret, ő kardió módban használja főként és szintén meg van vele elégedve!
There was some delay in the shipping, but the product is great, it works amazingly
A stúdióban tapasztalt pozitív eredmények hatására befektettem a saját itthoni rendszerembe, és imádom!! Mióta megvan, sosem lógom el az edzést!
I like this one better than the Smartsuit, because you can adjust is more to your changing body parameters
I experienced a few days delay regarding the product arrival, otherwise its workign as I expect it.
I have ordered it two months ago and have been using it since. It helped me to overcome my weight problems which I have been struggling with since the pandemic had begun.
este producto es muy eficiente y me gusta mucho, lo recomiendo
próbáltam már hasonló fajta edzést és eddig ez a ruha jött be a legjobban. erős impulzus, látom az eredményét a munkámnak. adom.
as the gym is closed now, we had to switch to home sessions, and thanks to the suit we are still in shape and all kind of workout is fun.
tényleg jó cucc
Nice device for home sessions. It took a bit longer to set up everything, but now it's really simple to use and after a couple of times I feel the results.
Absolutely awesome!
Amazing kit, with several training possibilities. Especially I like the HIIT sessions!
Three family members are using it on a daily basis. Excellent service, very pleased I purchased from them.
Muy buena opción para todos! El traje funciona a base de conexión inalámbrica y a través de una aplicación, así que lo puedo usar fuera de mi casa. No pesa mucho y el tamaño ajustable permite el uso de varias personas. Gracias al equipo por estar atentos, y responder nuestras preguntas.
Szuper ruha, gyors kiszállítással és remek ügyfélszolgálattal! köszi!
It's a bit uncomfortable in the beginning, but I got use to it soon. It took me some time to find my rythm with the impulses. I have to say, that the strengthening training is tough, so I already feel the results, especially on my back muscles. It's pretty handy, that anyone can use it.
Genial! Mejores resultados con un entrenamiento de solo 20 minutos que haciendo ejercicios durante una hora entera. Estoy ganando más fuerza y resistencia muscular, incluso tengo más conciencia de mi cuerpo gracias a los entrenamientos. Mi hijo también usa el mismo traje, se ajusta perfectamente a los dos.
My whole family is so grateful to have this suit during the lockdown. Thanks for all of your support and for the quick training about EMS!
Nagyon jó cucc, mindenkinek ajánlom, aki minőségi EMS edzésre vágyik. Az edzés programokat személyre lehet szabni, így megfelel mindenki igényének.
Funciona muy bien!
Great release for my shoulders and back, after a couple of weeks of training, I have no pains anymore! It's also nice to combine strengthening trainings with some cardio. I enjoy so much my new workouts.
Ez a ruha tényleg minden izmot rendesen megmozgat, és az izomláz garantált az első pár használat után. Így pár hét után, úgy érzem erősödtem és általánosságban is több az energiám. Mindenkinek szívből ajánlom!