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Miha BodyTec EMS device, accessories, and client outfits

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Model: MH240999
Availability: Pre-order
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2019 Miha BodyTec II Electro Muscular Stimulation Device: Ideal for Personal Trainers or Physiotherapists

Embark on a fitness revolution with the 2019 Miha BodyTec II, an Electro Muscular Stimulation (EMS) device tailored for personal trainers and physiotherapists. This meticulously cared-for machine comes complete with a stand for jackets and electrodes, offering a comprehensive set of features:

  • 5 Different Size Jackets
  • Electrodes and Spares
  • Trial Outfits
  • New Unopened Outfits
  • Bands
  • Body Tec Manual
  • Spare User Cards

This well-maintained device is ready for pickup only from Sussex, England, ensuring its availability for immediate use.

Take advantage of the opportunity to undergo training for the device through UK Miha BodyTec at your own cost. Enhance your understanding and maximize the potential of this premium EMS equipment.

Key Features:

  • Suitable for Personal Trainers or Physiotherapists
  • Stand for Jackets and Electrodes
  • Comprehensive Set of Jackets, Electrodes, and Accessories
  • Trial Outfits and New Unopened Outfits
  • Bands for Versatile Use
  • Body Tec Manual and Spare User Cards
  • Well-Looked-After Machine

Training Opportunity:

Explore the world of EMS training with the Miha BodyTec, a leading German premium manufacturer with over 15 years of expertise in perfecting whole-body training methods for improved fitness and health. The EMS training market is dynamic, offering various opportunities for implementation, from personal training to gyms, health clubs, standalone EMS boutique concepts, and physical therapy practices.

About Miha BodyTec:

Miha BodyTec is the trusted German premium manufacturer for EMS training equipment. With a focus on reliability, innovation, safety, and quality, Miha BodyTec products are made in Germany, ensuring continuous and effective operation. Trusted by worldwide providers, Miha BodyTec is synonymous with excellence in the EMS device industry.

Pick Up Details:

Location: Sussex, England

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Made in EU
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