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The Xbody Newave EMS device is used (very good), all technical components have been checked and replaced. The case shows no signs of wear. The software has been updated to the latest version.

  • Wired EMS training
  • cardio and strength training, massage mode
  • video trainer
Availability: Pre-order
Expected delivery: May 14, 2021
Made in EU
Top quality product
15 days money back guarantee


The Xbody Newave is ideal for studio use, especially for existing XBody customers this device can be used for the extension of a training place (e.g. EMS cardio training) very well.

Its flexible cable makes sure the connection between the training suit and the device is seamless.

Xbody Newave EMS device is ideal for diverse training goals and let's you perform different excercises from cardio to strength training. At the end of your training enjoy the relaxing massage program.

The Xbody Newave EMS software is packed with features useful for running an EMS studio: easily customizable training features, client profile management, training statistics, trainer authentication and much more.

Portable XBody Newave for the mobile personal trainer

Contents of this package:

  • XBody Newave used with two years warranty
  • new portable stand
  • new magnetic spiral cable
  • new Samsonite transport case especially for the Newave
  • two new EMS suits in the desired size (incl. 5 years warranty on the electrodes)
  • two pair of shoulder electrodes

Business type Personal trainer
Communication type Cable
CRM system Cloud-based
Detachable from EMS stand (while training) No
Device portability index full
Device warranty 1 year
Electrode material Plastic
EMS control interface Touchscreen
EMS control interface display size (inches) 13
EMS stand No
EMS wireless control unit 1 pc Head Unit
FREE basic EMS training course No
Number of EMS channels 10
Number of technology suits (unisex) 3 pcs suit
Operating system Custom
Replaceable electrodes Yes
Starting package- simultaneous training sessions 1
Suit sanitizer (Optional) No
Technology suit washable with cables electrodes inside No
Total simultaneous training sessions(Optional) 1
Watering stand (Optional) Yes
Suit Weight (Kg) / "M" size 3 kg


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