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JustfitPro HERO EMS studio equipment

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Embark on a new era of fitness excellence with the Justfit Pro kit, where the renowned quality of Justfit meets the innovation of our brand-new HERO suits. The Justfit Pro HERO system is extendable, allowing you to add additional control units and EMS suits, enabling simultaneous workout sessions.

The HERO family's versatility shines through with its provision of both wet and dry electrodes, tailored to your preference. It's the sole product on the market offering this choice, ensuring adaptability to diverse training environments and user preferences.

Offering a refined and effortlessly stylish design, these suits are more than just workout attire – they represent a fusion of comfort, durability, and contemporary aesthetics. Clients can expect the exceptional craftsmanship they've come to associate with Justfit, now tailored into our revamped HERO suits.

Content of the kit:

01. HERO Professional EMS training suit (3 pcs)
02. Justfit Aura Pro tablet software (Android or iOS))
03. Justfit Aura Pro CRM System (Android or iOS)
04. PowerHub Gen2 (1 pc)
05. Underdress (12 pcs)
06. Justfit stand)
07. Sprayer – if wet electrodes are chosen (1 pc)
08. Micro USB charger (1 pc)
09. Magnetic cabling tool (1 pc))

Made in EU
Top quality product
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11 rating
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Our corporate fitness program has been totally transformed since the use of the EMS suits. Employees love that they are stylish and comfortable. The system allows us to accommodate over 17 participants at once and we haven't even maxed out the device limits. The CRM software helps us manage and track sessions of our employees efficiently. This has improved employee engagement and health, proving to be a great ROI for the company.
the wet electrodes can be a bit of a chore with prepping and again with maintenance
The suits are top quality and our clients love them. However, integrating the system with our existing setup was a bit of a hassle. Also, the sprayer for wet electrodes sometimes malfunctions. Despite these issues, the overall performance is good and the expandability is a plus.
This system is phenomenal for my personal training business. The ability to offer both wet and dry electrodes means I can cater to different client preferences. The suits are stylish and the tech is reliable. Setup was straightforward, and the Justfit Aura Pro software is intuitive. My clients are seeing amazing results, and I’ve been able to attract new clients too.
The justfit pro hero system has been a great addition to our wellness center. The suits fit well and the EMS technology is effective. We had some initial connectivity issues with the control units, but they were resolved with support. The ability to expand with more suits has allowed us to offer more group sessions, increasing our revenue.
Integrating the hero system in our rehab center has been fantastic. The EMS suits provide excellent muscle stimulation, helping our clients recover 2x faster
The suit is a solid investment to our gym as they are pretty much effective. The option to add more control units is great should we want future expansion . We did face some challenges with the initial software setup, but customer support was helpful. Overall, our clients are pleased, and it’s been a good investment.
This system is excellent! The HERO suits are comfortable and durable. Our studio space is limited, so the compact design and extendability are perfect for us. The PowerHub provides great control, and the Justfit stand keeps everything organized. The investment has paid off quickly with increased client retention and satisfaction.
I recently tried out this suit, and I must say, I'm impressed. It's effective, providing a comfortable and snug fit during my workouts. I love how easy it is to adjust the sizes, ensuring a personalized experience every time. With its simple design and noticeable results, it's become my go-to option for convenient home workouts.
Having experienced the Justfitpro HERO firsthand, I can confidently say it's a game-changer. The technological advancements, especially the PowerPulse feature, intensified my muscle activation like never before. Plus, the internal cables provided a seamless and distraction-free workout session, allowing me to focus entirely on my fitness goals. It's definitely worth the investment for anyone serious about home fitness.
We’ve had some issues with the magnetic cabling tool. Also, the CRM integration also took longer than expected. Overall, it’s a good system, but maintenance and setup could be improved.


Advanced PowerPulse technology

Introducing PowerPulse technology to revolutionize your EMS training experience. Harnessing the latest advancements in electrical muscle stimulation, PowerPulse delivers targeted impulses with unmatched precision and intensity.

Imagine every muscle fiber activated to its fullest potential, igniting a cascade of energy throughout the body. With PowerPulse, you'll feel the difference from the very first session as your clients’ muscles respond to the powerful yet controlled impulses, driving their workouts to new heights of effectiveness.

But PowerPulse is more than just raw power — it's about optimizing your performance while minimizing fatigue and discomfort. Our proprietary algorithms ensure that each pulse is tailored to the body's unique needs, providing optimal stimulation without overwhelming the muscles.

Whether your client is an elite athlete striving for peak performance or a fitness enthusiast looking to maximize their gains, PowerPulse empowers to train smarter, train harder, and achieve goals faster than ever before.

PowerHub Gen2 – innovation meets performance

Discover the PowerHub Gen2, the new control unit, representing an evolution of innovation and performance. Crafted to serve as the core of your training regimen, the PowerHub Gen2 seamlessly integrates advanced features with intuitive functionality to elevate workout experiences to unprecedented levels.

Equipped with state-of-the-art technology, the PowerHub Gen2 delivers powerful impulses with unparalleled accuracy, ensuring optimal muscle activation and maximum results. What sets the PowerHub Gen2 apart is its 20% longer battery life, providing extended usage time for uninterrupted training sessions. This increased longevity enhances convenience and flexibility, allowing for more intensive workouts without the need for frequent recharging.

But the PowerHub Gen2 is more than just a control unit — it's a gateway to personalized performance. With customizable settings and adaptive algorithms, it tailors each session to your clients' unique needs, optimizing effectiveness and efficiency to achieve their fitness goals with precision and efficacy.

Comfort+ Enhancement: wet or dry electrode options

The HERO family distinguishes itself with its versatile feature set, providing users with the option of utilizing either wet or dry electrodes according to their preference. Notably, this is the sole product on the market offering such flexibility, catering to diverse user preferences.

Refined and effortly stylish HERO suits

  • Revamped Design: Experience a fresh and contemporary aesthetic with our updated design.

  • Optimized position of PowerHub Gen2: Enhance comfort during exercises with the strategic relocation of the control unit.

  • Internal Cables: Enjoy a seamless workout experience with internal cables that prioritize your comfort.

  • Premium Comfort: Soft and durable, our fabric offers a luxurious feel without compromising on resilience. Easy to clean, it's a low-maintenance choice that combines convenience with lasting quality.

  • Handy Slide Lock: Effortlessly secure your suit with our user-friendly slide lock feature.

  • Cutting edge fabric: A synergy of comfort and performance, designed with breathability to keep your clients cool, super-lightweight for unrestricted movement, and antistatic properties for added ease during wear.

  • Fresh Dryness Boost: Moisture-wicking ensures clients stay dry, while the quick-drying feature expedites post-workout freshness

  • Washable with Cables: Easy maintenance — our suit is conveniently washable, cables included.

  • Universal Compatibility: The HERO series Integrates with all professional Justfit devices (Justfit Pirato/JustfitLite, JustfitPro, JustfitPro+, Justfit Freestyle), as well as complementary accessories like cable and electrode sets.

Aura Pirato Tablet Software

This powerful application serves as the control center for your EMS system, allowing you to effortlessly manage and conduct workouts with precision and ease.

With the Aura Pirato Tablet Software, trainers have full control over the electrical impulses delivered to clients' muscles, enabling personalized and targeted workouts tailored to individual needs and goals. Whether you're focusing on strength training, endurance, rehabilitation, or muscle recovery, the intuitive interface and advanced features of the Pirato Software ensure optimal results with every session.

Key Features:

  • Precision Control: Easily adjust the intensity, duration, and frequency of electrical impulses to target specific muscle groups and achieve desired training outcomes.

  • Customized Workouts: Create personalized workout programs tailored to each client's fitness level, preferences, and objectives, ensuring effective and efficient training sessions.

  • Real-Time Monitoring: Monitor clients' progress and performance in real-time, with detailed feedback and data analysis to track improvements and adjust training as needed.

  • Interactive Interface: Engage clients with an interactive and user-friendly interface, featuring visual cues, instructional guides, and exercise demonstrations to enhance understanding and motivation.

Aura Pro CRM System

Immerse yourself in the world of Justfit Aura CRM, a vital tool for seamless studio operation. While ensuring your studio runs smoothly demands constant attention, the reality is that no studio owner can be physically present at all times. Remote control of your fitness center becomes imperative for achieving sustained and substantial profits.

Empowering various levels of access — from distributor to trainer — the system allows you to effortlessly access all information related to your Justfit systems with just one click.

Stay abreast of your relevant data conveniently, anytime, and anywhere.

The advantage of our cloud-based solution lies in the accessibility of client information, training records, tickets, and other crucial data across all your devices, ensuring you never lose critical client information.

Keep a vigilant eye on studio performance, financial data, and compare client schedules with trainer activity and device utilization. This strategic monitoring unveils irregularities and highlights opportunities for substantial growth. Elevate your studio management experience with Justfit Aura CRM, where control and profitability converge effortlessly.


Included in the package is a set of underdresses offering both comfort and hygiene during studio sessions. Designed for ease of maintenance, it is effortlessly washable and quick to dry, ensuring convenience and freshness with every use.

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