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Transform your training with the XBody Newave, the trusted EMS device used by over a thousand studios worldwide. Designed for wired EMS training, Newave features multiple built-in strength and cardio programs to elevate your fitness journey. Its intuitive touchscreen interface and high-quality materials ensure a seamless, durable, and effective workout experience.

Experience personalized training with Newave’s advanced software, including customizable programs that cater to your clients' unique fitness goals. Ideal for EMS studios, personal trainers, and fitness centers, Newave offers a professional and economical solution, providing powerful results with every session.

Unlock exclusive access to:

  • User-friendly Touchscreen Interface: Easily navigate and customize training sessions.

  • Multiple Built-in Training Programs: Strength, cardio, and relaxation programs to suit various needs.

  • Advanced Client Management: Keep track of client progress and tailor their workouts.

  • Seamless Magnetic Cable Connections: Ensure reliable and efficient training sessions.

  • Regular Software Updates: Stay ahead with continuous improvements and new features.

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XBody Newave stands out as a premier choice for wired EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation) training, known for its reliability and effectiveness. This award-winning device is utilized by over 2,000 studios worldwide, making it one of the best-selling EMS systems on the market. Designed with both beauty and functionality in mind, Newave offers an array of features that cater to diverse training needs.

  • Trusted and Proven: Newave has earned its reputation through consistent performance and durability. Constructed from high-quality materials, it is built to withstand rigorous daily use. Its user-friendly touchscreen interface and regularly updated software ensure that trainers can easily navigate through its extensive features, including client profile management, training statistics, and customizable programs.

  • Comprehensive Training Programs: Newave includes a variety of built-in strength, cardio, and relaxation programs, allowing trainers to tailor sessions to individual client goals. The innovative magnetic cable connection ensures seamless and reliable performance, while the video trainer program aids in optimizing training sessions by providing guided exercises.

  • Professional and Economical: XBody Newave is engineered to offer a cost-effective solution for EMS training. Its design minimizes maintenance needs and operational costs, making it a valuable investment for any fitness business. The device's compact and lightweight build also makes it portable, adding flexibility for trainers who offer in-home or corporate training sessions.

  • Advanced Features: The device supports a range of advanced EMS functions, including customizable stimulation parameters and a multilingual interface. Regular software updates keep the Newave ahead of competitors, ensuring it remains a cutting-edge tool for fitness professionals.

Whether you are a personal trainer, gym owner, or looking to start a microstudio, XBody Newave provides a reliable and efficient solution to enhance your EMS training offerings.