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Visionbody Wireless EMS Personal System + PowerSuit

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Transform your body with the revolutionary Visionbody Personal System, designed to activate up to 90% of your muscles in just 20 minutes. Elevate your fitness journey by shaping lean, toned muscles and boosting your strength while accelerating your metabolism for improved health and vitality.

Experience up to 4 hours of traditional exercise condensed into a brief 20minute session, enhancing your body posture and alleviating back pain. Visionbody's innovative design protects your back, joints, tendons, and ligaments, ensuring safe and effective workouts.

HighTech Electro Muscle Stimulation

Discover the world’s most advanced intelligent fitness wearable technology. The Visionbody Personal System, featuring the PowerSuit, enables you to build muscle, burn fat, and maximize your workout efficiency without traditional weights. Experience the freedom to work out anytime, anywhere with brief yet impactful 20minute sessions.

Unlock exclusive access to:

  • 8 Main Programs and 64 Subprograms: Tailor your workouts to meet your unique goals and preferences.

  • 150+ EMS Training Videos:  Explore a comprehensive library of training content to guide your sessions.

  • Integrated Heart Rate Measurement: Monitor your heart rate for optimized and safe training.

  • Full Wireless Training Sessions: Enjoy the freedom of wireless training for maximum convenience.

  • 12 Different Stimulation Channels: Customize your muscle activation for a truly personalized experience.

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Unlock the future of fitness with the Visionbody Wireless EMS Personal System + PowerSuit. This cuttingedge wearable technology offers intelligent fitness solutions for efficient workouts. Achieve the results of traditional exercise in just 20 minutes, activating up to 90% of your muscles. Enhance strength, shape lean, toned muscles, and accelerate your metabolism.

The PowerSuit and EMS system allow for customized workouts through 8 main programs and 64 subprograms. Access over 150 EMS training videos, integrated heart rate measurement, and full wireless training sessions across 12 stimulation channels. Enjoy safety and effectiveness, improving body posture while reducing back pain

The comprehensive kit includes:

  • Visionbody PowerSuit (EMS suit)

  • Visionbody PowerBox (EMS control box to attach to the PowerSuit)

  • Laundry net

  • Visionbody App for your Apple devices

  • Rechargeable battery (replaceable Type LPE10)

  • USBC connection cable

  • Instruction manual

Important: Batteries cannot be shipped to the UK, Arabian countries, Africa, Asia, or Russia due to restrictions and so would have to be purchased independently in the mentioned countries.