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Revamp your fitness enterprise with i-motion EMS, the pinnacle of WB-EMS systems. This cutting-edge electrostimulation equipment sets a new standard by simultaneously activating over 300 muscles in just 20-minute sessions, optimizing sports performance, muscle toning, weight loss, rehabilitation, and pain reduction. With international quality certifications and a reassuring 2-year warranty, i-motion EMS guarantees unmatched results and competitive advantages for your business.

Key Advantages:

  • Simultaneous Activation of 300+ Muscles: Harness the power of comprehensive muscle stimulation for holistic fitness enhancement.

  • Efficient 20-Minute Sessions: Maximize time efficiency with targeted workouts designed to deliver optimal results in minimal time.

  • Multi-Faceted Benefits: Elevate sports performance, achieve muscle toning, facilitate weight loss, aid in rehabilitation, and alleviate pain with one versatile system.

  • SlimFlex Technology: Experience unparalleled freedom of movement during workouts, thanks to i-motion EMS's innovative SlimFlex technology.

  • Antibacterial and Odorless Design: Ensure hygiene and comfort with i-motion EMS's antibacterial and odor-resistant construction, prioritizing user well-being throughout their fitness journey.

Embrace the future of fitness with i-motion EMS and unlock unparalleled opportunities for growth and success in your business.

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Join the EMS revolution for your business with i-motion EMS professional electrostimulation equipment. This cutting-edge system delivers integral stimulation to activate over 300 muscles simultaneously, offering unbeatable results in various fitness aspects, including sports performance enhancement, muscle toning, weight loss, rehabilitation, and pain reduction.

Key Features:

  • Advanced WB-EMS Technology: Developed with the latest technology in whole-body EMS, i-motion EMS ensures comprehensive muscle activation for superior results.

  • Competitive Advantages: Backed by numerous international quality certifications and a 2-year warranty, i-motion EMS stands out among other electrostimulation equipment.

  • Bio-Jacket EMS Suit: The i-motion EMS suit features 22 electrodes emitting electrical impulses to enhance workouts and deliver greater results in less time.

  • SlimFlex Technology: Designed with SlimFlex technology, the EMS vest offers a perfect fit and freedom of movement during exercise, thanks to its ultralight, flexible, and resistant design.

  • Wireless Bluetooth Connectivity: Enjoy wireless freedom with Bluetooth technology, ensuring hassle-free workouts.

  • Smart Pulse Sequencing: Benefit from sequential SMART pulses for optimized muscle stimulation and performance enhancement.

  • Antibacterial and Ergonomic Design: The EMS suit is antibacterial, odorless, ultralight, and ergonomic, ensuring comfort and hygiene during workouts.

  • i-motion V21 Software: Control all training parameters with the intuitive V21 software, featuring 24 individual and 10 automatic programs for complete workouts.

  • Virtual Trainer Function: Optimize your center's time and profitability with the virtual trainer function, ensuring efficient session management.

  • Bioimpedance System Compatibility: Integration with the i-BodyPro bioimpedance system provides accurate data on body composition, allowing users to monitor their health evolution.

  • 100% Profitability: i-motion EMS equipment is manufactured in Spain, ensuring quality and reliability. ISO-certified and FDA-approved, it maximizes profitability and performance for your business.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to revolutionize your fitness business with i-motion EMS professional electrostimulation equipment. Request a quote today and elevate your fitness offerings to new heights!