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Model: XBPRO
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Transform your fitness business with the revolutionary XBody PRO, designed to offer both stationary and portable EMS training. Elevate your training sessions with the ability to train up to 6 clients simultaneously, indoors or outdoors, utilizing a versatile device that blends the best features of XBody GO and Actiwave.

Experience unparalleled flexibility with 15-hour battery life, ensuring uninterrupted sessions. XBody PRO’s advanced design includes a large touch screen, TENS program for pain relief, and a Virtual Trainer, all while protecting your clients' joints, tendons, and ligaments for safe and effective workouts.

High-Tech Electro Muscle Stimulation

Discover the next step in portable EMS technology. The XBody PRO offers professional and customizable training solutions without being tied down by cables. Enjoy the freedom to train anytime, anywhere with powerful, impactful sessions.

Unlock exclusive access to:

  • Dual training modes: stationary and portable

  • TENS program for pain relief

  • Training for up to 6 clients simultaneously

  • Virtual Trainer for guided sessions

  • Professional Program mode for tailored workouts

  • Studio management menu for efficient operation

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Discover the future of EMS training with the XBody PRO, a cutting-edge device that merges the portability of XBody GO with the advanced capabilities of Actiwave. This versatile EMS solution is designed to meet the diverse needs of personal trainers, fitness centers, and EMS studios, offering both stationary and mobile functionality.

The XBody PRO stands out with its ability to conduct wired and wireless training sessions, making it suitable for a wide range of training methods including personal training, group training, functional and sport-specific exercises, as well as medical-related sessions. Its 15-hour battery life ensures that you can provide uninterrupted training whether indoors, outdoors, or at your client’s preferred location.

Key features of the XBody PRO include:

  • Hybrid Functionality: Seamlessly switch between portable and stationary use to suit any training scenario.

  • Impressive Battery Life: With 15 hours of continuous operation, you can conduct multiple sessions throughout the day without the need for recharging.

  • Advanced Touch Screen: The 12.3″ durable and user-friendly touch screen offers a modern and intuitive interface.

  • Training for Multiple Clients: Capable of training up to 6 clients simultaneously, enhancing your revenue potential and optimizing trainer utilization.

  • Professional Features: Includes TENS program for pain relief, Virtual Trainer option, and a comprehensive Studio Management Menu for efficient business operations.

  • Connectivity Options: Equipped with USB and HDMI ports for easy updates and enhanced client comfort during sessions.

Elevate your EMS training services and expand your business potential with the XBody PRO. Whether you’re aiming to offer diverse training methods or maximize your studio’s efficiency, the XBody PRO provides the flexibility, reliability, and innovation you need.