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Revolutionize your training with the XBody Actiwave, the world’s first hybrid EMS device offering both wired and wireless sessions. Designed to accommodate up to 6 clients at once, Actiwave elevates your EMS studio or personal training business by providing versatile training options that maximize revenue and efficiency. Enhance your clients’ fitness journeys with advanced features that offer tailored, effective, and safe workouts.

Experience the freedom of combining traditional wired EMS training with the flexibility of wireless sessions, ideal for various training environments and preferences. Whether it’s functional training, sport-specific workouts, or indoor and outdoor sessions, Actiwave adapts to meet all your training needs.

Unlock the potential of your business with:

  • Hybrid Training Capabilities: Seamlessly switch between wired and wireless modes.

  • Group Training for Up to 6 Clients: Boost your revenue with efficient group sessions.

  • Advanced Technology: Utilize a 15″ touch screen, built-in training programs, and regular software updates.

  • Flexible Training Solutions: Customize each session to individual client needs for optimal results.

Discover how Actiwave can transform your EMS training experience and take your business to new heights.

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Transform your EMS training experience with XBody Actiwave, the world’s first hybrid EMS device that offers both wired and wireless training simultaneously. Designed to fit any training needs and business models, Actiwave opens up unprecedented earning opportunities by allowing group training sessions for up to 6 clients. Double your studio's turnover by conducting multiple training sessions with just one device.

Actiwave is perfect for EMS studios, personal trainers, and fitness centers looking to maximize their service offerings with its versatile training capabilities. Whether it’s wired personal training, wireless group sessions, functional, sport-specific, indoor, or outdoor training, Actiwave is equipped to handle it all.

Hybrid Training Capabilities

Actiwave’s hybrid functionality allows for both wired and wireless training, giving you the freedom to choose the best method for your clients. This flexibility ensures that you can cater to a wide range of training preferences and goals.

Group Training Efficiency

With Actiwave, you can train up to 6 clients simultaneously using its wireless group training feature. This means more clients can benefit from EMS training at the same time, significantly increasing your revenue and client satisfaction.

Innovative Wireless Technology

Our unique wireless solution operates on a safe and separated network provided by the XBody Point, connecting the Actiwave device with Actiwear units. This allows for seamless wireless training with no distance limitations, enhancing the training experience for your clients.

Advanced Features

  • 15″ IPS Touchscreen: Easy to use and learn, the large touch screen provides a clean and modern interface.

  • 12 Stimulation Channels: Stimulates muscles across the whole body, including shoulder and calf bands.

  • Go-Out Function: Enables training without distance restrictions, perfect for outdoor sessions.

  • Regular Software Updates: Ensures your device stays up-to-date with the latest features and improvements.

  • USB & HDMI Ports: For easy updates and connectivity to external displays.

Flexible Training Options

Actiwave supports individual or synchronized training programs for 1-6 clients, allowing you to customize sessions to meet each client's needs. Modify settings individually during the session to provide a personalized training experience even in a group setting.

Easy Maintenance and Portability

Actiwave is designed for effortless maintenance with readily available spare parts. It’s lightweight and compact, making it easy to move around your studio or transport for off-site training.

Multiple Stand Options

  • Standard Stand: Ergonomic and light, fits in any environment.

  • FlowR Stand: Ideal for wired group training, supports up to 3 clients per Newave or 3 x 6 clients per Actiwave.

  • Port Stand: Portable and elegant, perfect for personal training at client’s homes or during travel.

  • Wall Stand: Combines space-saving design with portability, ideal for yachts and cruise ships.

  • Actiwear Batteries: Actiwear uses high-capacity Li-Ion batteries that can last a whole day without recharging, ensuring uninterrupted training sessions.

Fast Return on Investment

By eliminating the need for multiple EMS devices and reducing operational costs, Actiwave offers a fast return on investment, making it a smart choice for growing your business.

Elevate your EMS training studio with XBody Actiwave and experience the unmatched versatility and efficiency it brings to your fitness offerings.